April 19, 2024

Paymentology Awarded with Green Certificate for Its Sustainability Efforts by Moro Hub

Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC), has presented a Green Certificate to Paymentology, the leading global issuer-processor. The Green Certificate was presented to Nauman Hassan, Regional Director for MENA at Paymentology by Mohammed Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Moro Hub. The pioneering initiative acknowledged the efforts of the company for utilizing Moro Hub’s Green Data Centers for its IT workloads.

“The Green Certificate initiative serves as a testament to acknowledge excellence in sustainable digitization. It not only celebrates the immediate reduction in carbon footprint but also highlights the long-term vision of creating a business ecosystem that thrives on eco-conscious practices. This Certificate is a strategic move to encourage enterprises to accelerate their business operations sustainably, helping them make a significant impact on their corporate social responsibility. Moro Hub commends Paymentology’s noteworthy contribution to this vision of a greener, more resilient digital future. As we continue to champion sustainable practices, we are confident that businesses in the country are getting closer to achieving their eco-goals,” said Marwan Bin Haidar, Vice Chairman & Group CEO of Digital DEWA.

Moro Hub’s Green Data Center is designed with cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient solutions to minimize its environmental impact. By choosing Moro Hub’s green infrastructure, Paymentology is aligning itself with the global trend towards sustainability in its line of industry.

“At Moro Hub, we are committed to spearheading sustainable digital transformation. Through our Green Certificate initiative, we recognize Paymentology’s for its responsible choice of Moro Hub’s eco-friendly data centers. This partnership not only underscores our shared vision for environmental stewardship but also signifies how sustainable digitalsation is bringing about a transformative change in this era. We are pleased to witness that enterprises in the region are becoming conscious and choosing sustainable business ecosystem, and the Green Certificate is a mechanism to celebrate such partners, who align their operations with eco-friendly solutions Together, with Paymentology and other like-minded partners, we are shaping a greener, and a resilient digital landscape for a more brighter and eco-conscious tomorrow,” said Mohammed Bin Sulaiman CEO of Moro Hub.

The Green Certificate serves as a noteworthy accolade, representing the concerted efforts of businesses in embracing eco-friendly practices and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. This initiative aligns with Moro Hub’s unwavering commitment to minimizing carbon footprints and contributing to the United Arab Emirates’ and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Nauman Hassan, Regional Director for MENA at Paymentology commented: “At COP28, the UAE Banks Federation’s pledge of AED 1 trillion towards sustainable financing by 2030 echoed the commitment across the country to shaping a greener future. As the Middle East emerges as a hub for sustainability, financial institutions, fintech leaders, and infrastructure players are working hard to align with the region’s progress. We are incredibly proud of the endorsement from Moro and to be utilising its Green Data Centers for IT workloads, a fantastic recognition of both our efforts towards delivering more environmentally conscious payment solutions in the region.”

“It is an honour to receive the Green Certificate from Moro Hub. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible practices. Partnering with Moro Hub’s sustainable infrastructure underscores our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint while delivering leading next-generation payment solutions for our clients worldwide,” said Drisha Kirkman, Head of Sustainability and Programme Management at Paymentology.

As an integral part of Moro Hub’s mission to foster a greener future, the Green Certificate highlights the significant role played by Paymentology in supporting renewable energy initiatives. By acknowledging the efforts of organisations that have chosen Moro Hub’s Green Data Centers for their IT workloads, the initiative solidifies the collective commitment to environmental preservation and the advancement of sustainable practices within the digital landscape.

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