May 28, 2024


Paymob, the leading financial services enabler in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan (MENA-P), and Buguard, Egypt’s leading cybersecurity start-up announce their partnership to bolster Paymob’s cybersecurity defences.

The collaboration underscores Paymob’s unwavering dedication to reinforcing its cybersecurity infrastructure, ensuring that employee, merchant, and customer data remain impervious to cyber threats.

The core of this partnership is the deployment of Buguard’s cutting-edge Dark Web Monitoring platform, Dark Atlas, which protects against potential data breaches by scanning for compromised data and identifying emerging threats. Dark Atlas serves to protect Paymob’s extensive network of merchants. In the event of a data leak, the platform alerts Paymob and compromised credentials are instantly rotated to prevent unauthorized access. This added shield protects sensitive personal and financial data within Paymob’s network.

Beyond Dark Atlas, Paymob also deploys several other Buguard cybersecurity solutions including penetration testing to ensure compliance with stringent mandates set by local authorities such as the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and globally recognized benchmarks like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Youssef Mohamed, Buguard CTO commented, “We are honored to be chosen as Paymob’s strategic cybersecurity partner, embarking on a partnership marked by unwavering collaboration.  This synergy allows Buguard to channel its cybersecurity expertise harmoniously with Paymob’s visionary outlook, fostering an environment of continuous innovation and cyber security excellence.”

Mostafa Menessy, CTO of Paymob stated, “For us, security is not a luxury, it is a core component of Paymob’s culture and is engrained in our products. We are thrilled to collaborate with Buguard to achieve the security hardening required in today’s complex cybersecurity landscape. “

Paymob serves as a growth partner to over 250,000 merchants in its network across MENA-P by ensuring they have access to the most cutting-edge financial technology solutions available, tailored to meet their needs at any stage of their growth. Paymob’s Omni channel payments infrastructure powers over forty online and in-store payment methods via its gateway, point of sale (POS) devices, and mobile app soft POS. The regional fintech also enables merchants to pay bills, manage their finances, and grow their businesses via a real-time dashboard.

Buguard operates from its bases in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, delivering robust cyber security solutions. Catering to a diverse clientele across countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the USA, France, and Australia, Buguard offers a comprehensive suite of services. Ranging from Penetration Testing and GRC Services including PCI DSS / ISO 27001 Implementation and auditing, Dark Web Monitoring, Security Awareness and phishing Simulations, and Security Outsourcing, Buguard’s impact stretches across borders. By championing cyber security readiness, Buguard empowers start-ups and enterprises worldwide, ensuring their digital environments remain fortified against an ever-evolving spectrum of threats.

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