April 15, 2024
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Philips and AWS set to transform cloud-based digital pathology

Initiative ideal for pathology labs worldwide

Royal Philips and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are set to revolutionise the field of digital pathology with a new initiative that enhances diagnostic capabilities and boosts productivity.

The collaboration aims to meet the increasing demand for secure, scalable solutions in pathology labs worldwide.

Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, and AWS, renowned for its scalable cloud solutions, combine their expertise to optimise clinical workflows and address the challenges posed by the exponential growth of digital pathology data.

This collaboration will empower pathology labs to efficiently store, manage, and analyse vast volumes of digital pathology data, improving workflow integration, access, and reliability.

Cloud leverage

By leveraging the cloud, specialists can seamlessly collaborate, accelerating decision-making and transforming patient care.

Pathology plays a pivotal role in diagnosing and managing various diseases, including cancer. Approximately 70% of critical medical decisions rely on laboratory or pathology tests. The transition to digitally stored pathology images is paramount, significantly impacting patient care.

Shez Partovi, Philips’ Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, stressed the importance of harnessing cloud technology to enhance patient care.

He noted: “By harnessing the power of the cloud to accelerate the digitisation of pathology, we are improving the quality of patient care by enabling greater workflow efficiency and collaboration at scale.”

This collaboration will facilitate large-scale clinical trials, multi-institute studies, and care collaboration, particularly in cancer care.

Philips will utilise AWS HealthImaging and Amazon Bedrock to optimise storage, increase scale, and enable AI-driven research to advance pathology image analysis.

Tehsin Syed, GM of Health AI at AWS, highlighted the significance of combining clinical workflow leadership with scalable cloud infrastructure.

He expressed optimism about the potential of secure, cloud-based offerings to store and utilise more data, driving better insights and enabling more precise patient care.

In addition to digital pathology, Philips’ broad capabilities in enterprise informatics, including HealthSuite Imaging on AWS, will support radiologists and empower clinicians with improved diagnostic workflows.

This integrated approach ensures quicker access to images and enhances the entire diagnostic journey, from initial diagnosis to treatment options and follow-up.

The collaboration between Philips and AWS signifies a significant leap forward in healthcare diagnostics. It promises improved productivity, advanced research capabilities, and enhanced patient care. With digital pathology in the cloud, the future of diagnostics is brighter than ever.

Featured image: Philips’ and AWS’ capabilities will empower clinicians with improved diagnostic workflows. Credit: Philips/AWS

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