March 5, 2024

Poddster inks deal with GymNation to launch the Middle East’s first podcast studio within a gym

Poddster – a pioneering network of video podcast production studios and Dubai’s first podcasting community – has officially partnered with the leading gym operator GymNation to launch the Middle East’s first-ever podcast studio within a gym.

This fusion of two leading entities in their respective fields will see the first studio launch in January 2024 at GymNation’s Motor City branch, serving as a flagship location. The duo then plans to expand the collaboration across additional GymNation facilities in Dubai and beyond.

The Motor City studio will serve as a dynamic hub for health and fitness-related content, allowing influencers, athletes, health professionals, and fitness enthusiasts to share their stories, insights, and expertise.

While the primary target is the health and fitness industry, the studio is designed to be inclusive. It will welcome podcasters and creators from various backgrounds, making it a diverse platform for engaging content. Recording access won’t be limited to GymNation members; non-members can also utilise the facility.

“This collaboration is not just about co-locating a podcast studio within a gym; it’s about merging Poddster’s expertise in podcast production with GymNation’s distinction as the largest gym in the Middle East,” commented Vuk Zlatarov, Poddster Co-founder & CEO.

He added: “Poddster and GymNation share a commitment to excellence and also an innovative approach to their business models. By joining forces, we’re pioneering a space that intertwines content creation with physical well-being, offering a unique experience to the market.”

Commenting on the partnership, Loren Holland, CEO of GymNation said: “We are excited about our collaboration with Poddster as it represents a strategic convergence between fitness and content creation. Poddster’s strong reputation in the podcasting domain aligns with GymNation’s commitment to innovation and the partnership will provide people with an inspiring space for connection and personal growth.”

This strategic partnership marks a significant advancement for Poddster. With over 15% of its regular members already hailing from the health and fitness sector, the collaboration perfectly aligns with the company’s commitment to providing tailored solutions.

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