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July 14, 2024

PROVEN Robotics launches OrionStar Mini, revolutionizing customer service with advanced AI capabilities

PROVEN Robotics, a leading provider of robotic solutions worldwide, announced the launch of OrionStar Mini, an industry-leading AI service robot expertly designed to create engaging and interactive experiences. With the introduction of its latest robot, PROVEN Robotics is setting new benchmarks in service excellence and innovation by incorporating advanced AI with cutting-edge design to transform everyday interactions.

The OrionStar Mini is equipped with excellent interactive capabilities and is the first robot powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SOC chip—renowned for its industry-leading performance in Android devices.  It is ideally suited for events and exhibitions with its compact design and versatile features making it a significant addition to businesses seeking to elevate the smart experience.

Commenting on the launch, Mohammed Aldousari, Regional Robotics Lead at PROVEN Robotics said, “The addition of OrionStar Mini to our fleet of commercial service robots reinforces our commitment to harness advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency in the industrial landscape. Our robot has the ability to seamlessly perform diverse tasks in multiple industries and deliver a robust customer experience every time. We aim to strengthen the Kingdom’s vision to diversify the country’s economy and radically transform the field of AI and robotics”.

The compact Mini is engineered to meet the growing demands of the dynamic service industries that require intelligent, interactive, and adaptable solutions. It thrives to enhance customer experience, reduce operational costs, and improve service efficiency in environments ranging from hospitality, retail, healthcare and more. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, the OrionStar Mini promises to deliver seamless connected customer conversations with its sophisticated sensors, AI-driven communication capabilities, and outstanding navigation systems.

Key features of the Mini that are pushing the boundaries in robotic solutions are:

Smart guiding: The tiny robot can quickly navigate customers to their target destination even in confined spaces. It exhibits intelligent guiding capabilities, employing advanced algorithms to avoid obstacles effectively.

Open Development Platform: Robot Mini has an open development platform that supports deep customization and third-party systems, allowing customers to tailor it for diverse roles and responsibilities.

Multi-robot coordination: Intelligent priority numbering ensures collision avoidance without human intervention when multiple Mini cross paths.  

Mini + PRoMS: Mini can be easily integrated with PROVEN Robotics Management System (PRoMS) which is a no-code platform to create robot content from scratch. It offers both readymade apps and development of custom applications using intuitive templates, thus enhancing functional efficiency and optimizing Mini’s performance.

With multiple service robots in its inventory, PROVEN Robotics continues to explore new horizons in robotics and technology while making automation technologies accessible to industries across the region.

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