July 16, 2024


Range Rover’s modern luxury performance flagship, the 635PS mild-hybrid Twin Turbo V8 Range Rover Sport SV, recently proved the stopping performance and durability benefits of its optional Carbon Ceramic Braking system by completing a two-week track driving event at the Algarve International Circuit, on a single set of brake discs and pads.
All four of the Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONEs used on track at the undulating 2.9-mile (4.6km) Portimão grand prix circuit in Portugal featured the optional Carbon Ceramic Braking system with SV-exclusive Brembo Octyma calipers and 440mm front brake discs, the largest in the automotive industry.
On average, each car covered 215 laps of the 15-corner circuit, adding 615 miles (987km) to the 1000 miles they had already covered before the event started.
When inspected after the drive event, the brake pads for the Carbon Ceramic Braking system still retained around 30 per cent of their usable pad life.
Every lap on track included multiple heavy braking zones, particularly into the first right-hand Corner 1 which saw Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE slowing from speeds of up to 150mph into the downhill braking zone, generating in excess of 1.1G – a figure it can also exceed in steady-state lateral acceleration during cornering, even on standard-fit all-season tyres.
The Carbon Ceramic Braking option also saves 34kg unsprung mass versus the standard Dual-Cast Brakes, which enables even more responsive handling, improved acceleration and enhanced ride quality.
Hugo Mazzoleni, Chassis Manager, said: “Carbon Ceramic brake discs generally cool much faster than a typical iron brake disc, meaning pad temperatures are managed much better, and they typically wear more slowly too.
“With the pitch and roll control of Range Rover Sport SV’s 6D Dynamics suspension system helping maintain stability under braking, the brakes are not overworked when used on a track.”
The unique Brembo Octyma front calipers – the largest ever fitted to a Range Rover – are the biggest contributor to this exceptional wear performance. Developed exclusively for Range Rover Sport SV, the world-first caliper design features eight pistons arranged in a cross shape to give improved pressure distribution, more uniform pad wear, and maximise braking efficiency.
The bold and muscular surfacing of the caliper, which also features on the four-piston rear calipers, reflects the close collaboration between Range Rover designers and technical partner Brembo to ensure the sculpted form of the braking components complements Range Rover Sport SV’s reductive design – continuing the fusion of high-performance design and engineering.
The same calipers, featuring the SV and Brembo logos, are also used on Range Rover Sport SVs equipped with standard Dual-Cast Brakes. On the Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE the braking system technology is identifiable by specially curated colours: Red for the Dual-Cast Brakes, Yellow or Carbon Bronze for the Carbon Ceramic Brakes. Black calipers are also an option for both types.
In addition, Range Rover Sport SV’s aerodynamic revisions include dedicated brake cooling ducts to help manage brake temperatures effectively, while Decoupled Integrated Power Braking technology helps reduce stopping distances and supports consistent brake pedal feel in all conditions, giving the driver the utmost confidence in its dynamic handling.
Ordering for Range Rover Sport SV will be opened this summer, following overwhelming demand for Range Rover Sport SV EDITION ONE.

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