June 25, 2024

Red Hat Helps Partners Deliver AI-ready Solutions to Power Business Transformation Across the Hybrid Cloud

Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today highlighted how its robust partner ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) and global systems integrators (GSIs) is propelling artificial intelligence (AI) use cases, applications and services using Red Hat open hybrid cloud technologies. Red Hat partners provide in-depth skills, knowledge and certified workloads built on industry-leading platforms, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and now Red Hat OpenShift AI, to power critical business applications and help customers implement transformative AI solutions.

As organizations increasingly turn towards AI for greater efficiency, enhanced services delivery and bolstered IT margins, Red Hat’s rich ecosystem of supported ISVs and highly skilled systems integrators are well-positioned to help customers get the most out of their IT investments and kickstart their AI journeys. For decades Red Hat’s global partner ecosystem has been building critical applications, delivering managed services and offering expert support with transparency and flexibility. Now, ISVs and GSIs continue to expand their offerings with Red Hat to help customers prepare for an AI-centric world:

  • Application vendors are collaborating with Red Hat to deliver solutions that are compatible and supported on Red Hat OpenShift AI for streamlined integration and enhanced performance throughout the artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) lifecycle.
  • Certified AI/ML partner applications can be natively integrated within Red Hat OpenShift, as well as provide complementary or extended capabilities on Red Hat OpenShift AI.
  • Pre-integrated AI/ML partner applications are available within the Red Hat OpenShift AI user interface dashboard to help customers more easily access the latest hardware and software acceleration solutions.
  • Leading global systems integrators are delivering managed services and support to drive generative AI (GenAI)workloads across hybrid cloud environments.

As Red Hat integrates new AI-focused features and tooling across its portfolio, including Red Hat OpenShift AI and Red Hat Lightspeed, its ISV and systems integrator partners continue to rally behind Red Hat platforms to deliver AI-ready solutions and services.

Browse all certified and supported AI/ML partner solutions in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog today.

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Supporting Quotes

Stefanie Chiras, senior vice president, Partner Ecosystem Success, Red Hat

“For many organizations, AI is now a business imperative. As an established catalyst for open source innovation, Red Hat’s partner ecosystem is equipped to bring AI use cases to life for customers across any cloud, datacenter or network edge. We are thrilled to see our highly skilled and diverse ecosystem of ISVs and GSIs continue to rally behind Red Hat platforms to deliver differentiated AI-enabled solutions and services to customers.”

Kevin Dallas, CEO, EnterpriseDB

“Leveraging Red Hat OpenShift AI with the new EDB Postgres AI platform launching later this month will give customers the ability to seamlessly enable transactional, analytical and AI workloads, from edge to the core. Complemented by Red Hat’s renowned AI support, this is a true game-changer as we all move to AI and data-centric business models, where customers are looking to make the most of their data estates through a single pane of glass.”

Rajesh Venkatachalam, SVP and Global Head of Red Hat Business Unit, HCLTech

“HCLTech’s Cloud Native and AI Labs enable IT modernization and AI enablement for

clients using industry-leading technologies. We look forward to collaborating with Red Hat to integrate its open source solutions within our AI Labs to deliver GenAI-based offerings that support optimized infrastructure and added functionality for greater predictability to drive AI workloads for clients.”

Michael Healy, managing partner, watsonx and Generative AI, IBM Consulting

“Our clients are looking to bring AI into enterprise applications and hybrid cloud platforms to create better experiences and get deeper insights. Red Hat OpenShift AI and AI-ready solutions such as Ansible Lightspeed and IBM watsonx Code Assistant address these needs. Coupled with IBM Consulting’s skills and expertise, clients can accelerate business value, drive efficiency across the enterprise and scale AI to transform their business.”

Giovanni Carraro, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, Kyndryl

“Kyndryl is excited to build on our existing expertise and vast service offerings with Red Hat to further support AI workloads on Red Hat’s industry-leading hybrid cloud platforms. In collaboration with Red Hat, we are committed to helping organizations establish AI-ready infrastructure, equipped with automation capabilities and supported managed services, that can provide the flexibility and reliability they need to not only meet critical business needs but also pave the way for future success.”

Ben Slater, chief product officer, Instaclustr by NetApp

“By combining the power of Spark with the agility and scalability of Red Hat OpenShift, we’re providing businesses with the tools they need to turn data into actionable insights more efficiently and effectively than ever before. This collaboration with Red Hat represents our commitment to driving innovation in the data management space.”

Bojan Mrazovac, CTO, NTT DATA Romania

“NTT DATA is introducing an innovative Security, Privacy and Integrity Protection platform (SPIP) featuring Attribute-Based Encryption designed to enhance data security in today’s digital environments. Red Hat OpenShift AI will provide key functionalities to SPIP, harnessing AI to elevate privacy and security protections, allowing robust data security features according to our zero-trust security model.”

Gavin Day, executive vice president, Office of the CEO, SAS

“The flexibility and scalability of our leading data and AI platform, SAS® Viya®, combined with the portability and security of Red Hat OpenShift takes AI-powered digital transformation from idea to reality, empowering our customers with trusted insights and decisions that make a difference for their businesses.”

Harrison Johnson, vice president, Technology Partners and Business Development, Starburst

“Starburst is excited to see Red Hat OpenShift AI becoming a widely available AI platform. Our combined technologies provide data scientists with an enterprise-grade platform to build, train, test, and deploy AI models and applications more easily and quickly. In the new world of GenAI models are brought to the data and Starburst allows all available data to be utilized without moving decentralized data. Starburst is honored to be a trusted data analytics engine for Red Hat OpenShift AI, and we’re excited to extend our partnership to meet customer’s AI requirements.”

Manish Mangal, global business head, Network Services & CTO-Telecom, Tech Mahindra

“Red Hat’s commitments to empowering partners with AI-ready solutions for hybrid cloud transformation is pivotal in today’s digital landscape. Through collaboration and innovation, Tech Mahindra and Red Hat are driving business evolution, harnessing the power of AI to unlock unprecedented opportunities across hybrid cloud environments. Together, we are not just embracing change; we are shaping it, ensuring our clients stay ahead in their journey towards digital excellence.”

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