February 26, 2024

Renowned Yogi Sadhguru brings focus on soil

The movement has made its way to this year’s UNFCCC’s COP28 to be held in Dubai from November 30 to December 10, with its own Save Soil pavilion in the accredited Blue Zone and with Sadhguru himself joining for several conversations and panel discussions.

Sadhguru will also be speaking at “The Wake Up Experience,” a World Soil Day event on December 5th organised by Impact Nest in collaboration with UNHCR that will highlight ways to address the problem of migration brought on by climate change.

Save Soil aims to highlight the message that healthy, living soils are a solution to climate change.

During COP28 UAE, Sadhguru will be engaged in panel discussions which will center on the critical role that healthy, living soils play in mitigating climate change, as well as how they can guarantee food security, enhance biodiversity, sequester three times as much carbon as living plants and reduce various forms of pollution.

Save Soil COP28 Pavilion Location: Blue Zone First Floor, Save Soil Pavilion TA2-210

The Save Soil Movement

In March, 2022, Sadhguru visited the UAE and Dubai on his 30,000km 100-day motorcycle journey for the Save Soil movement. On his journey, Sadhguru met with leaders and citizens in each country to appeal for national policies and action to increase soil organic matter to a minimum of 3–6% (based on regional conditions), which is the minimum level for soil to be healthy and thriving. This journey was aimed at creating public awareness, as it is only with people’s vocal support that nations can effectively implement soil-friendly policies. Today, the Save Soil movement has reached over 4 billion people globally.

The Save Soil movement, with inputs from eminent soil scientists, has created 7 specific Soil Policy Handbooks and catalogued sustainable soil management solutions for all 193 nations, that serve as the basis for various policy options for their respective regions. At COP28, Save Soil aims to bring the message that healthy, living soils are a solution to climate change, further into the international agenda.

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