February 23, 2024
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Rising demand gets Ford to hire 900 at Michigan Assembly Plant

Bronco and Bronco Raptor lead demand surge

In a strategic move to address surging demand for their popular Bronco and Bronco Raptor models, along with the highly anticipated Ranger and Ranger Raptor, Ford Motor Company has revealed plans to create 900 new jobs at its Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, New Jersey, United States.

The decision is part of Ford’s commitment to agile operations across its global footprint. It allows the company to cater to a diverse market with a well-balanced petrol-powered, hybrid, and electric vehicle lineup.

This shift aligns with Ford’s goal of optimising financial returns while delivering the right mix of vehicles to its customers.

New hires

The new third crew roster at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant, comprising 1,600 personnel, will welcome 900 net new hires and absorb approximately 700 employees from Ford’s Rouge Complex in Dearborn who have applied for the open positions.

Ford will be adding the additional workforce this summer to support planned future volume increases for various vehicle lines assembled at the plant.

Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant, known for producing the all-new Ranger and Ranger Raptor, is set to transition to a seven-day-a-week operation from the current five, with three crews working two shifts.

In response to growing demand for the F-150 Lightning, Ford also aims to match production with customer demand. The company can scale production of petrol-powered and hybrid F-150 trucks based on market requirements.

Ford’s success in the electric vehicle (EV) market is evident, with the F-150 Lightning claiming the title of America’s best-selling electric truck, experiencing a notable 55% increase in sales in 2023. This achievement contributed to Ford becoming America’s second-best-selling EV brand in the same year.

Customers’ delight

Jim Farley, President and CEO of Ford, commented on the company’s commitment to offering customers choices: “We are taking advantage of our manufacturing flexibility to offer customers choices while balancing our growth and profitability. Customers love the F-150 Lightning, America’s best-selling EV pickup.”

Despite the positive developments, approximately 1,400 employees will be impacted as the Rouge Electric Vehicle Centre transitions to one shift, effective April 1, 2024.

Around 700 of these employees will transfer to the Michigan Assembly Plant, while others will be placed in roles at the Rouge Complex or other facilities in Southeast Michigan. Alternatively, they may opt for the Special Retirement Incentive Program outlined in the 2023 Ford-UAW contract.

The transition may also affect a few dozen employees at component plants supporting F-150 Lightning production, contingent on the number of employees participating in the Special Retirement Incentive Programme. Ford has assured that it will provide placements for impacted employees within Southeast Michigan.

Featured image: The Bronco is proving popular with US and global customers. Image: Ford

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