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July 14, 2024

Rixos Hotels Egypt will Participate in the Arabian Travel Market

Rixos Hotels Egypt announced its participation in the 2024 Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, aiming to enhance its position as a distinguished destination for tourists seeking luxurious experiences with its distinctive expansion plans, exceptional offers, and unique approach. Mr. Erkan Yildirim, Managing Director of Rixos Hotels Egypt, stated, “At the 2024 Arabian Travel Market, we will showcase our vision, highlight the unique features that distinguish our unparalleled hospitality and facilities, and present future expansion plans.”

“The Arabian Travel Market, to be held in Dubai next Monday, is known as one of the largest tourism events, with our participation in this event being of great importance as we will unveil our latest offerings to the world,” he added. Mr. Yildirim also mentioned participating in several upcoming global events in the tourism and travel sectors.

Mr. Yildirim noted a significant increase in demand, attracting tourists from various parts of the Arab world and beyond, not just Egypt. Speaking of the distinctive entertainment options, diverse culinary experiences, and immersive cultural elements offered, he stated that the Rixos Hotels Egypt has become a leading destination for visitors seeking luxurious and entertaining experiences infused with the essence of Eastern authenticity.

Mr. Yildirim emphasized that the uniqueness of Rixos Hotels Egypt is not spontaneous but the result of its commitment and continuous efforts to promote Egypt as a luxurious and suitable tourist destination for all tourists. He said, “We always strive to improve the tourism sector in Egypt and elevate it. At Rixos Hotels Egypt, we offer products from leading luxury brands and world-class services that are the best in their category, aiming to meet all the needs of our guests, considering their diverse preferences, similar to what Turkey and the Emirates do.”

He also mentioned that Rixos Hotels Egypt recently opened several new hospitality facilities, including the Rixos Premium Alamein, Rixos Golf Villas & Suites Sharm El Sheikh, Rixos Radamis Sharm El Sheikh, and Club Prive by Rixos Sharm El Sheikh. Each of these properties combines luxury, comfort, and cultural immersion uniquely.

In this regard, Mr. Yildirim clarified that expansion efforts are still ongoing as Rixos Hotels Egypt plans to reopen the Alexandria Park Hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with its new look, blending historical charm with modern sophistication.

Mr. Yildirim said, “What sets Rixos Hotels Egypt apart is its continuous commitment to providing unique experiences similar to those offered in Turkey. Each of our facilities offers a range of exceptional experiences, such as Turkish cuisine, children’s clubs, innovative concepts, comprehensive offers, and distinctive entertainment programs.”

He concluded by saying, “As we look to the future, Rixos Hotels Egypt will continue its commitment to providing unforgettable experiences to families, couples, and tourists from around the world. Through its investments and strategic partnerships, Rixos Hotels Egypt has now positioned itself to enhance its presence in Egypt and worldwide.”

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