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Role of MBRF in promoting reading and spreading knowledge

Dubai, UAE, 13 March 2023- The UAE places great emphasis on reading as one of the chief contributing factors to social development. To further enhance and cultivate a culture of reading in the country, the UAE launched the ‘National Strategy for Reading’ with the aim of producing a knowledgeable generation capable of advancing the developmental journey of the nation. In accordance with this, the UAE has initiated numerous knowledge initiatives that are focused on acquiring knowledge and stimulating the community to adopt reading as a lifestyle. A significant one among these initiatives is the ‘Month of Reading’. Under this initiative, the month of March is celebrated as the reading month every year. It aims to combine the efforts of all institutions to create stronger ties with reading and foster more programs that pave the way for a generation of readers who are armed with knowledge.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) supports the UAE’s mission of fostering the habit of reading in society by launching significant projects and initiatives that promote knowledge as a top priority. The MBRF makes valuable contributions to enhancing the role of the Arabic language as well as nurturing the habit of reading among society members. Furthermore, it finances several research projects, activities, and initiatives that boost innovation, in addition to promoting and preserving the country’s achievements in the field of knowledge.

One of the MBRF’s significant projects in this regard is the ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative, which aims to advance the use of the Arabic language on various social media platforms among both native and non-native speakers, especially the youth. Through this, the MBRF aims to solidify the position of Arabic as a universal language, promoting its role globally, particularly in the Arab community. In addition, the Foundation also launched the ‘Digital Knowledge Hub’, which supports the Arabic language by providing access to a series of free Arabic books and publications in multiple knowledge fields without restrictions. This knowledge hub ensures convenient access to digital resources that include books, summaries, articles, and knowledge videos for diverse segments of readers, paving the way to build a knowledge-based community.

The ‘Knowledge Lounge’ is yet another initiative that holds paramount significance as it is targeted at incorporating the habit of reading among citizens by increasing awareness of its benefits and importance. The initiative hosts several discussions and interactive sessions with various authors, human development specialists, and trainers, in order to discuss, exchange, and disseminate knowledge to the widest audience possible. The ‘Dubai International Program for Writing’, launched by the MBRF, further plays a significant role in enriching the literary and intellectual movement in the UAE. The program offers young talents the requisite knowledge and resources to fine-tune their writing skills through several trainings and workshops, empowering their creative side by building upon solid linguistic, cognitive, and scientific foundations.

The MBRF also launched a joint initiative named the ‘Knowledge Project’ in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). It is based on three indicators to promote knowledge-based sustainable development. The initiative aims to raise awareness and foster effective dialogues on the significance of knowledge and policies in sustainable development.

By launching these initiatives and projects, the Foundation intends to make valuable contributions to the knowledge landscape. It aims to cultivate a culture of reading in the country, develop content creation across the Arab world, and promote the cognitive abilities of the youth. Supporting the ‘Month of Reading’ initiative, the MBRF remains steadfast in its mission to advance knowledge development, promoting reading as a significant tool in establishing a sustainable and knowledge-based society, as well as helping the UAE in all its initiatives and projects. This falls in line with the directives and visions of the nation’s wise leadership to strengthen science and knowledge and complete the intellectual projects launched by the UAE since its inception.

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