April 15, 2024

Saudi Arabia is in an Unprecedented Partnership with Sandbox to Effect plans for a Future Metaverse.

It is official; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has partnered with the Sandbox to explore, advise, and support the metaverse development. This move by the Saudi Arabian government is expected as the country has recently been invested in promoting the metaverse to realize its vision for 2030.

What are the Specific Details of the Relationship between the Sandbox and Saudi Arabia

 On the 4th of February 2023, the Saudi Arabian government announced that a memorandum of understanding had been signed between itself and Sandbox, a metaverse gaming platform. The Sandbox partnership was made official at the Leap Tech Conference 2023 before it was announced on Twitter by Sebastien Borget, the Sandbox co-founder. Sebastien has described the partnership as a huge win for the metaverse and a true honor for the Sandbox. He stated that the company looks forward to exploring, advising, and supporting the Saudi Arabia Digital Government Authority (DGA) in activating Saudi Arabia’s metaverse project.

Experts have opined that Saudi Arabia may just be veering towards the path taken by the United Arab Emirates to promote the metaverse. Recently, the UAE has taken the front seat in the metaverse development and has begun taking significant actions to provide 40,000 metaverse jobs by 2030. Likewise, it has already started recognizing offices in the metaverse and conducting interviews and conferences. Indeed, it is excellent to see Saudi Arabia inclined towards the metaverse like its Emirati counterpart.

What are the Likely Effects of the Sandbox Partnership

It is projected that Saudi Arabia’s metaverse project may just be needed to bring significant exploitation of other revenue paths not directly linked to oil production. The country has recently been committed to generating revenue from other resources asides from crude oil production. The metaverse – Sandbox partnership might as well promote job relations and gross domestic income and increase governmental relations.

Interestingly, it is not only the Saudi Arabian government that stands to gain substantially from the Sandbox partnership. For Sandbox, the partnership is a commendable one that is set to accelerate its vision and mission as a company and endorse it in the hall of fame of other companies that have managed to notch a partnership with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Notably, the Sandbox had previously partnered with big names like Atari, Warner Music Group, and Gucci, to name a few. Sandbox had a 30% surge in its SAND token after announcing its MOU with the DGA.


The excitement concerning the MoU between the Sandbox and the Saudi Arabian government is palpable. Saudi Arabia’s plans for the metaverse project only prove that it has beautiful plans for a future in the metaverse. It is commendable to see the involvement of companies like Sandbox. Indeed, 2023 is a year of expectations, and one can trust Saudi Arabia not to cut the expectations short.

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