April 20, 2024

Saudi Arabia Offers Virtual Medical Assistance To Syrian And Turkish Earthquake Survivors

Over the past weeks, Saudi Arabia has been providing virtual health assistance to earthquake survivors in Syria and Turkey. It is part of the international relief effort following the disaster. The Kingdom was at the front of the aid effort from the start. It sent planes with food, shelter, and emergency services like medical supplies. Through the combined efforts of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA) and Seha Virtual Hospital (SVH), they are making progress in assisting survivors in Syria and Turkey. 

Mohammed Al-Abdulali, a spokesman for the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health, thanked the male and female experts in a wide range of fields who were treating people through the virtual hospital. He said that KSrelief runs and supports an air bridge that helps connect different areas that need help. All of which adds to the humanitarian work that Saudi Arabia is already doing. He added that the experts are helping colleagues from the SRCA in Turkey and Syria. He added that this group of doctors includes internists, pediatricians, cardiologists, dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, obstetricians, gynecologists, and ophthalmologists. He said they shared information and advice with their medical colleagues in the area via video conferencing.

More About Seha Virtual Hospital

Vision 2030 sets high goals for Saudi’s healthcare sector’s modernization, privatization, and digitization. It has made it possible for telemedicine and software programs that provide health information and care remotely, to grow. With the launching of the SVH, the Kingdom’s Vision for the Health Sector Transformation and Digitalisation Program is in view. The SVH offers its services remotely, and its assistance is provided per King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s directives. Seha Virtual Hospital is the largest in the world, with a growing live network of 130 connected hospitals. 

It was introduced in the previous year as part of the Health Ministry’s ongoing initiatives to computerize the healthcare industry. SVH enables patients to visit their local hospital and participate in a real-time live video clinical session with experts from across the Kingdom. SVH encompasses 12 main specialties and over 35 subspecialties, as well as hospital-at-home follow-ups, allowing chronically ill patients to maintain contact with doctors from the comfort of their homes.


It is commendable to hear that Saudi Arabia offers virtual medical assistance to Syrian and Turkish earthquake survivors. This is part of Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian and relief efforts. The effort shows the commitment of the Kingdom to extending support to those affected by natural disasters, regardless of nationality and borders. Overall, Saudi Arabia’s plan to offer virtual medical help to earthquake survivors is a good step toward giving those affected by natural disasters the help they need as soon as possible. 

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