February 25, 2024

Saudi Arabia to Provide $400 Million in Aid to Ukraine as a Show of Neutrality

Saudi Arabia recently announced its intent to provide $400 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine to mitigate the effects of the ongoing war. This support follows significant accusations in Saudi Arabia for politicizing oil production after the proposed reduction by OPEC+ members.

Why Did Saudi Arabia See the Need to Provide Humanitarian Support in Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine war that began in February this year has had untoward effects on the lives and properties of the population within the country. Several air strikes have been launched in the country, specifically targeting cities, people, and infrastructures for power and heat. There has also been a record displacement of over seven million and five million migration Ukrainians globally as citizens struggle for a safe place to live. The effects of the war are further emphasized by the approaching winter and Russia’s destruction of basic facilities needed for Ukrainians to survive the difficult weather. The United Nations has stated that over 13 million Ukrainians are affected by the war and unable to get to safety.

Details of the Support Efforts

Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince, issued a call to President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine on the 16th of October, 2022. This call was to inform the President about Saudi Arabia’s intent to offer $400 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine following the humanitarian crisis that has plagued the country due to the war that began earlier in the year. The prince also emphasized that Saudi Arabia has remained neutral and has assumed a mediatory position concerning the war, and the country will continue to do so. He further pledges to de-escalate the seven-month war using mediation and humanitarian financial aid.

President Volodymyr Zelensky appreciated Saudi Arabia’s efforts to quell the war and re-establish Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty. He also thanked the government for supporting the United Nations General Assembly’s Resolution not to recognize Kremlin’s claim on four Ukraine territories annexed during the war. The President concluded by stating that Ukraine initiated ongoing communications to set more prisoners of war free after releasing about ten last month. The $400 million comes from a macro-financial aid provision from Saudi Arabia to Ukraine. It is intended to alleviate the suffering of Ukrainians caused by the ongoing crisis.

On its part, Saudi Arabia stressed that it will continue to stand for the recognition and respect of state sovereignty and the principles embedded in the UN charter while attempting to resolve conflicts by peaceful means and resolutions.


One cannot help but sympathize with the current plights of Ukrainians. However, sympathy can only get one far; there is a need for actions to mitigate the effects of the war. Saudi Arabia has attempted to step up to the task by providing financial aid to remedy the humanitarian crisis in the country. This aid and reconciliatory measures by the government will undoubtedly be an effective step in the right direction for the country.

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