February 25, 2024

Saudi Arabias Mega Project, Neom, has Begun Effecting positive Changes in Human Resources within The Country

In 2017, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia made a bold decision in line with its vision 2030. It unveiled its plan to build a smart city – Neom across the desert North-West of the country. The proposed city was to be a spotless one without carbon emissions and cars. Almost six years later, it is apparent that construction has begun significantly. In turn, this development has affected considerable employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Details of this are discussed below.

What Changes have Neom brought to the Human Resources of Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun intense work on the Neom project. Fortunately, the project need not wait until completion to attract mega talents from all parts of the world. It is already boosting the current employment rates of the country because of the need for more hands.

There have been more than 130 job openings to request workers for large-scale construction on the project. Other fields that are now hiring include industrialization and innovation, health and safety, finance, strategy planning and technology,  and operations.

The Neom Talent Academy has also left the door open for positions in energy, real estate, urban planning, logistics operations, water utility, corporate service, asset development, and security operations. Within these fields, persons may work in managerial, directorial, specialist, and assistant roles.

Neom has rightly stated that it is in search of ambitious persons whose work will have a lasting print on the lives of others and the future of the planet itself. It further explained that its call for employment goes out to those who believe in building a better world and contributing to the Earth’s future. 

Eligibility for these opportunities differs based on the job description and positions. However, applicants should generally possess vast experience in the intended field and solid verbal and communication skills. There are also unique opportunities available to nationals of the country, provided that they have a degree with a specific grade and are willing to relocate to Neom.

What are the Effects of the Changes brought by Neom

Neom comes with several benefits and changes to the individual. A job would include competitive salaries, professional development,  medical cover, annual flights, and other community benefits. Companies are eager to increase revenue and all other accompanying benefits for employees working on Neom.

The project has national and individual effects. Nationally, one cannot doubt that the employment rate in Saudi Arabia will surge due to the project. The good thing is that locals and foreigners can enjoy the brilliant dispensation of new opportunities with Neom. Individual persons, provided they are eligible, would also benefit significantly from the increased job offers by Neom.


The Neom project puts Saudi Arabia on a futuristic pedestal. It not only can change life on Earth by proving that a clean, safe city is possible, but it has also shown signs of significantly increasing the country’s GDP and economic standing by providing jobs and other accompanying benefits.

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