June 13, 2024

Saudi German Hospital Madinah Saves Worker’s Arm in Critical Accident

In evidence of its unwavering commitment to patient welfare, the Saudi German Hospital Madinah promptly intervened to save a patient’s arm, which was on the verge of amputation following a tragic accident at work.

The patient’s ordeal began when a metal rod pierced the arm, severing vital blood vessels and causing severe bleeding, which could have resulted in the loss of the limb. Thanks to the swift and decisive action of the medical team led by Dr. Mohamed Ali, First Deputy of vascular surgery at Saudi German Hospital Madinah, the amputation of the arm was averted. The team performed a meticulous surgery to reattach the severed artery and restore proper blood circulation, ensuring the viability of the limb.

“As I continue to recover at the Saudi German Hospital Madinah, I have nothing but gratitude for the skill and dedication of the medical team here who saved my arm from amputation,” the patient remarked.

This remarkable feat exemplifies the ‘Caring Like Family’ philosophy that guides the Saudi German Hospital Madinah’s approach to patient care. With state-of-the-art facilities and a compassionate team of medical professionals available around the clock, the hospital remains steadfast in its mission to provide exceptional healthcare services to the community.

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