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July 18, 2024

Seclore launches new professional services solutions advancing data-centric security at GISEC 2024

Seclore, the leading provider of data-centric security solutions, launched its cutting-edge professional services at the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) 2024 held in Dubai, reinforcing its commitment to advancing cybersecurity in the MENA region.

The newly launched services offer customers in the MENA region and beyond enhanced flexibility in deploying Seclore’s innovative solutions. Comprising comprehensive training, seamless onboarding, tailored integrations, and expert consultancy, Seclore Professional Services aim to empower organizations to safeguard their invaluable digital assets effectively.

According to the UAE Cybersecurity Council, UAE alone has averted more than 50,000 cyberattacks daily in 2023, accelerating heavy investments in cybersecurity measures to build resilient and sustainable business frameworks by organizations. In response to this escalating threat landscape, Seclore has launched customer focused professional services solutions at GISEC 2024, a pivotal platform for tackling the region’s cybersecurity concerns.

Seclore Professional Services utilizes in-depth product and security expertise to offer onboarding, training, custom integrations, and managed services to secure the enterprise. The expansion of the Seclore portfolio introduces new possibilities for customers of all sizes to assess their project and support requirements, streamline implementation timelines, and surpass business goals ahead of schedule.

Key benefits of the Seclore Professional Services offering include:

  1. Customised Consulting: Seclore consulting services bring pragmatic industry expertise to align security operations with business outcomes. The company adopts a phased approach and leverages expertise in specific areas to create and sustain long-term value.
  • Advanced Training and Onboarding: Seclore technical product experts teach system functionalities and set up Seclore in customer environments. Training can be optimized for new and current employees, who require a refresher or for in-depth training on the latest features.
  • Dedicated Support: Businesses can take the Seclore implementation to the next level with dedicated technical support managers with a deep knowledge of the business. It helps understand and improve how systems need to work together according to emerging security trends and evolving business objectives.
  • Integration Services: Seclore team or a verified partner offers assistance to deploy existing integrations for commonly used applications or build custom integrations for specific business applications. Additionally, the company also assists in securing data across all applications, on-prem, and in cloud environments — including custom and off-the-shelf software.

Seclore Verified Partner Network

The Seclore Verified Partner Network includes a growing number of partners from around the globe. This includes Dimension Data, HCL, Infratech, Nagarro, NovaCoast, S3ntry, Security Matterz, Securenass, and Sirar. The rapidly expanding program welcomes new partners, check out the website to apply and learn more about the program.

“With more data being generated than ever before, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) want to ensure their enterprises’ IP remains secure,” said Dushyant Sahni, Global Practice Leader, at Nagarro. “Through Seclore’s data-centric security platform and Nagarro’s enterprise integration services, together we ensure our that customers collaborate seamlessly while mitigating security risks and maintaining compliance.”

Seclore has a regional presence in Dubai since 2017 and has provided data-centric security to several major clients in UAE – including, Statistics Center Abu Dhabi, ETIMAD Holding, Dubai Financial Market, RAK Bank, Smart Dubai Government, Dubai municipality, and Federal Tax Authority United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the company has also provided services to clients in the Gulf region – including Qatar Islamic Bank and ONEX.

“It’s a great privilege to solve the unique business challenges our MENA customers face,” said Vishal Gauri, Chief Customer Officer at Seclore. “Seclore Professional Services brings new resources to our already thriving partner ecosystem and gives our customers more options to expand the level of interoperability they need to make data-centric security and compliance an integral part of their entire organization.”

Visit Seclore at GISEC 2024

Experience the future of data-centric security firsthand by visiting Seclore at GISEC 2024, stand D75. Request a demo or exec meeting at GISEC here. Read more about Seclore Professional Services and Verified Partner Program on our website or contact [email protected]

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