May 20, 2024

SentinelOne® Achieves FedRAMP High In-Process Designation

Dubai, UAE, May 04, 2023: SentinelOne  announced today that the SentinelOne Singularity™ Platform has achieved the FedRAMP High In-Process designation from the FedRAMP PMO. The FedRAMP High designation builds upon SentinelOne’s current status as FedRAMP Moderate. The company is working closely with MindPoint Group to achieve full authorization to operate by the end of the year.

“With increasing frequency, cybercriminals are unleashing malicious attacks that threaten our nation’s government and citizens,” said Dale McCloskey, Vice President, Federal Sales, SentinelOne. “To thwart them, federal agencies need intelligent tools they can use to detect, respond to and mitigate threats in a real-time, autonomous way, and with our FedRAMP designation, SentinelOne can provide them.”

Federal agencies are tasked with improving their cybersecurity posture and leveraging next-generation capabilities to protect against sophisticated threats. Many agencies are short-staffed and use multiple, disjointed security tools that are difficult to operate and costly to manage. SentinelOne enables agencies to overcome these challenges with AI-driven context and automation to provide industry-leading protection and response.

With SentinelOne’s Singularity Platform, agency security teams can:

  • Aggregate all security data and orchestrate their investigatory and response actions through XDR integration with many trusted security vendors in a single, unified console.
  • Align with M-21-31 by providing cost-effective storage of 12 months hot, and 18 months cold across EDR telemetry as well as other data sources.
  • Receive AI-driven context across threats to bring high–fidelity alerts to analysts and reduce mean time to detect and respond.

“SentinelOne is committed to delivering innovative and impactful cyber technology solutions that allow public sector agencies to keep up with a growing list of cyber adversaries operating in an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape,” said Adam Sokolowski, Federal Sales Director, SentinelOne. “The SentinelOne Singularity Platform is uniquely designed to arm federal, state and local organizations with the tools they need to automatically identify and respond to threats in real-time and reduce the burden on understaffed and overloaded SOC teams.”

For more information on SentinelOne’s FedRAMP Authorizations and how the company can arm organizations, please contact the team at [email protected].

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