May 28, 2024

SentinelOne launches Singularity RemoteOps Forensics

Cyber breaches are on the rise, and time is of the essence when responding to them. Security teams need to identify relevant insights and extract actionable intelligence to drive swift conclusions.

It’s daunting, but SentinelOne, a global leader in autonomous cybersecurity, is expanding its forensics capabilities to simplify things.

The company has released Singularity RemoteOps Forensics.

This new digital forensics product offering brings incident response readiness to companies of all sizes, enabling them to execute efficient and streamlined investigation and response activities with unprecedented speed and scale.

“As timelines for reporting and responding to breaches shrink, security teams must have advanced forensics capabilities that make investigations faster and more efficient, and with Singularity RemoteOps Forensics, we are delivering them,” said Jane Wong, Senior Vice President of Products and Strategy, SentinelOne.

Integrated with the SentinelOne Singularity Platform and offered as an add-on to Sentinel One’s Endpoint and Cloud Workload Security solutions, RemoteOps Forensics is a fast, efficient, and flexible digital forensics and incident response solution that security teams can use to:

  • Optimize resources and accelerate mean time to resolution
  • Perform ad-hoc or conditional trigger-based evidence collection, enabling targeted investigations on one or multiple assets, including endpoints and server workloads.
  • Automate the collection of evidence, such as processes, ports, service listings, MFT, Amcache, JumpLists, and memory dumps, and orchestrate them in less than a minute.
  • Consolidate evidence into one data pool through the Singularity Security DataLake, correlating SentinelOne and partner data with forensics data in the exact search to create a comprehensive picture of an attack, quickly identify the root cause and take measures to mitigate risk.
  • Analyze collected evidence alongside Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) data in one console to defend against future threats proactively.
  • Correlate and analyze integrated data to uncover hidden indicators of compromise, identify advanced attack patterns, and understand threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures.

And, fully integrated with the SentinelOne agent, RemoteOps Forensics eliminates the need to deploy and provision multiple tools during investigations, saving organizations time and resources.

The solution also makes investigations more forensically sound, as fewer changes are made on disk. SentinelOne employs its anti-tampering capabilities and metadata collection capabilities to maintain data integrity.

“SentinelOne’s new forensic capabilities are reinventing incident response by empowering security teams to perform deep investigations in less time without needing niche expertise or additional tools,” Wong concluded.

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