May 21, 2024


SHI Group, under the visionary leadership of Diana Rysbaeva, proudly announces its steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability across its esteemed restaurants, including SHI, MOLI by SHI, and Jixiang Dim Sum. Through an array of innovative initiatives, SHI Group is setting the standard for eco-conscious dining experiences.

At the heart of SHI Group’s sustainability mission is a dedication to reducing its environmental impact. Through attention to detail, the group has transformed into a plastic-free work environment, eliminating single-use plastics throughout its operations. By sourcing ingredients locally, SHI Group not only supports regional producers but also significantly reduces carbon footprint associated with transportation, contributing to a greener future.

SHI Group takes a holistic approach to sustainability, by using biodegradable materials for take-away packaging and cups. From compostable containers to cups made from entirely eco-friendly materials, every aspect of the group’s to-go options reflects its dedication to environmental responsibility. The restaurants under the group have also introduced straws made from avocado seeds, offering guests a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic straws.

Furthermore, SHI Group has implemented a rigorous policy to minimise food wastage. Complementing these efforts is a comprehensive waste management system, which prioritises recycling and disposal practices.

“At SHI Group, we believe that sustainability is not just a choice but a fundamental aspect of responsible business practices. By prioritising eco-friendly initiatives, we aim to inspire positive change within the industry and beyond”, said Founder, Diana Rysbaeva.

As SHI Group continues to lead the charge towards sustainable dining practices, it invites guests to join in its mission to create and embrace a greener and a sustainable future.

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