June 26, 2024

SLC organises Annual Legislative Audit Meeting 2024

The General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC) held its Annual Legislative Audit Meeting under the theme ‘Towards Achieving Effective Legislative Compliance.’ The meeting was attended by H.E. Ahmad Saeed bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, along with a number of SLC employees and representatives from the government entities subject to legislative audit and that are participating in the Dubai Government Excellence Programme.

The meeting featured insightful presentations made by Marwah Ibrahim, Senior Legal Officer and Head of the Evaluation and Follow-up Section of the Legislative Audit Directorate; Omar Al Suwaidi, Senior Legal Officer and Head of the Legislative Audit Section; and Bader Al Ali, Senior Legal Officer at the Legislative Audit Directorate. In addition, prominent speakers from outside of the SLC contributed their expertise, including Khalida Khalid Al Awadhi, Senior Legal Adviser at the Dubai Health Authority; Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Teneiji, Senior Legal Consultant at the Department of Finance; and Dr. Majid Al Sarrah, Head of Legal Affairs Office of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.

Bin Meshar emphasised the crucial role of government entities in fostering a culture of compliance at both the institutional and social levels by providing a model for applying the concept of legislative compliance in various aspects of their work. Stating that the level of compliance serves as a pivotal gauge for the progress of nations and societies, and for the efficacy of government systems, bin Meshar underscored the importance of collaborative efforts among Dubai’s government entities to achieve legislative compliance and ensure the proper implementation of legal and legislative frameworks and provisions.

“The Annual Legislative Audit Meeting provides a platform to enhance cooperation and coordination amongst government entities, and to discuss the tools and mechanisms that promote legislative compliance, contributing to the consolidation of the rule of law and improving the efficiency and flexibility of government operations. This is pivotal to support Dubai’s ongoing efforts to solidify its global leadership in legislative compliance,” bin Meshar added.

The meeting delved deeply into the importance of instilling the culture of legislative compliance within government entities, emphasising its crucial role in ensuring the integrity and transparency of the institutional environment and government’s operational systems. Furthermore, the meeting highlighted the fact that cultivating a culture of compliance promotes adherence to the laws and regulations in force, as well as to the standards governing the development of the methodologies adopted by government entities to perform their duties. During this event, the speakers highlighted the importance of aligning legislative compliance with the values and objectives of government entities and of adopting clear policies and procedures to ensure effective legislative compliance.

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