September 26, 2023
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Spirogyra Software has Middle East security market in focus for its Protektor Pro digital guard tour patrol system  

Spirogyra Software, an India-based startup, aims to target the security sector in the Arabian Gulf with its flagship Protektor Pro digital guard tour patrol system – a QR code-based solution that monitors security guards physically protecting commercial premises anywhere in the world.

The platform consists of a customised Android device equipped with a QR code reader, Protektor Pro app, and physical checkpoints.

Entirely developed in India, the Protektor Pro guard tour patrol system involves a client’s security guards being issued with an Android device equipped with internet connectivity, a Protektor Pro app and a QR code reader. As they physically patrol the premises they are protecting – from a health, safety and environment (HSE) perspective – the security guards have to scan with their Android device, in the order of the patrol schedule, a QR code placed at key indoor or outdoor locations along their entire patrol route.

In doing so, the guards upload their work ID and time stamp to the Protektor Pro system, allowing their offsite security supervisor or client to monitor their activity in real-time, 24/7. Gaming of the platform is not possible as the GPS coordinates of the checkpoints are recorded every time the guards check-in, while on their patrol route.

Guards can also use the system to send emergency alerts, track and record events, and conduct and send reports to the managing staff or the client, during emergencies such as break-ins, fire, or flooding.

Speaking to Middle East News 247 from the Spirogyra Software ( head office in Panjim, Goa, India, Gautam Rao, Founder of the SaaS company, said the Protektor Pro system makes a physical security team more accountable, efficient and compliant.

Gautam Rao co-founded Spirogyra Software with his wife, Deepa, in Goa, India, in 2017

Rao added that the system operates independently of a client’s onsite Wi-Fi network, with data going to secure cloud storage.

Siemens is currently Spirogyra Software’s biggest Protektor Pro client in India, said Rao, who co-founded Spirogyra Software in Panjim, Goa, India with his wife, Deepa. In addition to the Gulf region, Spirogyra Software’s international expansion programme includes Gabon in West Africa.

A client has to subscribe to the Protektor Pro system on a monthly basis, said Rao, adding that the client only pays for the data received from the system; there being no additional cost for hardware or software. The system can go live at a client’s location within seven days’ time.

The Protektor Pro system organises, logs and executes guard tours and patrols in their duty areas by ensuring that the guards accomplish their stipulated tasks at predefined time intervals; effectively curtailing laziness on their part. This protocol ensures that the physical security team performs as required, while deterring proxy punching as the guards have to take a selfie every time they check in at a QR code-controlled checkpoint.

How the Protektor Pro digital guard tour patrol platform works

“Of all the major pains businesses suffer, the question of safety of personnel and property takes precedence. Fire, burglary, and loss of inventory are common occurrences which organisations aspire to eliminate. It takes a holistic security plan to mitigate risk, and having a robust digital guard tour system with real-time, actionable and credible data, such as the Protektor Pro solution, saves companies money,” Rao said.

Rao pointed to a Protektor Pro use case scenario. “Say, you have 10 security guards. All need to physically patrol xyz locations at different times. But, how do you know that all xyz locations are being physically patrolled at regular intervals? Are all 10 guards patrolling the locations in real time? Are the guards awake? Do they know who to contact in an onsite emergency? As Protektor Pro oversees all these activities in real-time we offer our clients peace of mind,” added Rao.

The Protektor Pro digital guard tour patrol system mitigates the risk of break-ins

Launched in 2019 across the large Indian security market, the Protektor Pro system features an intuitive user interface and sophisticated software that provides clients with real-time, credible and actionable information on their Android or iOS smartphone or PC concerning their physical security guards’ activity onsite.

Digital guard tour systems, such as Protektor Pro, are ideal for a range of applications, including security patrol, fire prevention, and anti-theft of factories, commercial and residential properties, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

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