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July 16, 2024

The first five-star health and wellbeing resort in the Middle East and Africa with international specifications and standards

Ajman’s tourism scene thrives under the Ajman government’s unwavering support. Investment in hotels, entertainment, and infrastructure fuels the Emirate’s growth. Nestled amidst Ajman’s captivating landscape, Zoya Health and Wellbeing Resort emerges as a groundbreaking tourist destination. Here, sprawling lakes and vibrant mangroves create a haven for diverse marine life, local flora, and birds. Zoya offers an unparalleled integrated experience, pioneering therapeutic journeys with a holistic approach.

This haven beckons with personalized journeys to optimal health, fusing cutting-edge medical science with time-tested traditions. Zoya Health and Wellbeing Resort, the Middle East and Africa’s first five-star health haven built to international standards, actively champions community well-being through preventive care and healthy lifestyle initiatives.

Zoya Health Resort exemplifies Ajman’s distinguished projects, boosting its competitiveness as a premier business and tourism destination. Built on a foundation of integrated scientific principles, the resort aligns perfectly with the Emirate’s focus on health and hospital tourism,” says Mr. Mohammed Ameer Said, Zoya’s founder. “This trend attracts investors to launch international-standard health projects, propelling Ajman’s tourism and healthcare sectors forward.” Highlighting the positive impact of health resorts, Mr. Saeed emphasizes their contribution to individual and societal well-being, ultimately fostering economic growth.

Zoya Health Resort crafts personalized journeys to optimal well-being. Our world-class facilities and expert team, blending medicine and holistic practices, create programs tailored to your unique needs. Choose from a comprehensive menu of treatments, including immune support, detox, physical therapy, and anti-aging, for a transformative wellness experience.

“Zoya resort offers unparalleled tranquility,” says Nimisha Sajit, our yoga instructor. “It’s a haven for mind, body, and spirit to find harmony through movement and breath. Guests call the ambiance itself therapeutic.” Nimisha elaborates, “Yoga’s gentle movements and deep breathing techniques create deep relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety while boosting focus and clarity. Regular practice leads to noticeable improvements in both physical and mental well-being for many Zoya Spa guests.” Her invitation is clear: “Come experience yoga at Zoya Spa and discover its transformative power.”

“Movement is life,” declares Ahmed Baraka, Zoya’s physical therapy specialist. “We restore mobility, ignite hope, and empower patients on their path to wellness. Beyond injury treatment, we offer preventive programs to keep you moving freely. Our rehabilitation programs aid recovery from surgeries and chronic conditions. Our team’s expertise, combined with cutting-edge technologies, ensures exceptional care.”

Zoya Health Resort elevates Ajman and the Emirates as a health tourism leader. Offering comprehensive, innovative programs that meet the highest international standards, Zoya empowers guests to achieve physical and psychological well-being. Their commitment extends beyond, fostering community awareness and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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