December 9, 2023

The INFINITI QX55 from Arabian Automobiles: Where Sporty Meets Elegant

The INFINITI QX55 proudly emerges as a captivating and unique choice for SUV enthusiasts —a sporty coupe SUV that effortlessly caters to both the bold and the sophisticated. The QX55 has been crafted with a singular mission: to provide a thrilling, sporty driving experience in a singularly elegant package.

The QX55 accommodates a 2.0-liter variable compression (VC) turbocharged four-cylinder engine, generating an impressive 268 horsepower and delivering a lively and energetic driving experience on the road. Coupled with a Continuously Variable Transmission, it ensures seamless and responsive power delivery, making every drive a thrilling one. Yet what truly sets the QX55 apart, is its standard Intelligent All-Wheel Drive; a feature that elevates its handling and stability regardless of the terrain.

This sporty ethos extends from the QX55’s engineering all the way across every contour and line purposefully drawn to enable a sense of power and agility. A sense of power that extends to the choices of colors that allow the drivers to express their individuality while also serving as a visual representation of the vehicle’s dynamic character. Sunstone Red, in particular, embodies passion and vitality, further enhancing the QX55’s sporty persona, as does its coupe-like roofline.

Passengers in the QX55 will appreciate the smooth suspension that handles road imperfections while safety technology, including Forward Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection, Rear Automatic Braking, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, and Lane Departure Warning, adds extra confidence. The cabin is elegantly appointed, featuring dual infotainment touchscreens, and Bose® premium audio. As you move up the trim levels, the opulence continues with the well-dressed cabin and sculpted soft-touch leather panels.

The QX55 is poised to raise the standards and establish new benchmarks for enthusiasts who crave a driving experience that seamlessly mergers sporty excitement with refined sophistication.

To explore the INFINITI QX55 or book a test drive, customers are invited to visit their nearest INFINITI of Arabian Automobiles center in Dubai, Sharjah, or the Northern Emirates.

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