April 21, 2024

The UAE Registers Its Displeasure About Joseph Borrell, European Union’s Mission Head, Remarks

The United Arab Emirates has expressed complete displeasure about the acting head of mission of the European Union, Joseph Borrell, statements. The country considered the message to be racist, discriminatory, and inappropriate. The UAE has summoned Joseph Borrell for an explanation of his comments.

What are the Details of Joseph Borrell’s Remarks

The European Union Acting Head of Mission has been criticized for his remarks at the European Diplomatic Academy in Belgium. In his statement, Borrell referred fondly to Europe as a ‘garden’ and purported to tag the rest of the globe as a ‘jungle’ which could invade the ‘garden’. He remarked that the gardeners should take care of the garden to prevent the jungle from coming in, but they cannot do so by building high walls because the jungle has a strong growth capacity. He reiterated that the gardeners would have to go to the jungle to prevent its invasion. This implies that Europeans must be much more involved with the rest of the world; otherwise, they will invade Europe.

The UAE considered comparing the rest of the globe to a jungle as offensive and inappropriate. During a press conference on Monday, the Head of Mission asserted that his statements were not racist, discriminatory, or colonist in nature. He further claimed that it was only a clarion call for Europe to embrace other parts of the world. Borrell’s statements have been highly publicized and circulated since he made them.

On its part, the UAE strongly believes that the comments were inappropriate and it contributes to the worsening intolerance and discrimination worldwide. In this light, the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry has requested that the Office of the High Representative of the EU delegation to the UAE provide a written explanation of Joseph Borrell’s discriminatory remarks. The Ministry further stated that Borrell’s comments are disappointing, particularly when all parties know how important it is to respect other religions, cultures, and ethnic groups and prioritize values such as pluralism, coexistence, and tolerance.

The UAE also summoned he Acting Head of the Mission at the EU Delegation, Emil Paulsen, to the UAE, demanding some explanation for its representative’s hurtful and discriminatory comments.

What are the Implications of Joseph Borrell’s Statements

The UAE has reiterated that Joseph Borrell’s statement is quite disappointing, especially now that there is a continual need to reinforce individual values and recognize the peculiarity of each country and region worldwide. Surely, referencing other parts of the world as a jungle is an unfair comparison and a contempt for the progress and the efforts of the civilization that countries have made. Indeed, a public apology is in order with a promise to make no such representation in the future.


As it is, Joseph Borrell has continued to deny the world’s interpretation of his message. It has been argued that no matter the intent, he should never have made remarks that would be misunderstood and put him in a position to defend himself in the first place. The European Union has yet to make a public statement; one has to wait and see how it all plays out.

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