April 16, 2024

The UAE’s Ministry of Education Will Train Educators In AI Tutoring

The UAE Ministry of Education is advancing artificial intelligence in education. A policy that will guide academics and teachers on how to employ language models for generative AI is currently being put together. In this approach, tutoring powered by AI will be used in all of the schools in the Emirates. Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, the UAE’s Minister of Education, made the statement on the sidelines of a one-day summit at the Museum of the Future.

AI Tutoring In Schools – The UAE Ministry of Education shines a light

At the Alef Education Summit, with the theme “The Future of Education in the World of Digitization,” educators, teachers, students, and important decision-makers from all over the world came together to explore the latest digital solutions for the education sector. The goals of the summit were to promote the use of technology and look into cutting-edge developments that could change the EdTech industry. The main topics at the summit were the Future of Education, Education and Generative AI, Immersive Digital Learning, and Personalized Learning. All of these have an effect on the field of education. The event will also address emerging AI and data analytics technologies that can help the EdTech sector around the world solve problems that are happening now.

In his keynote presentation, the UAE’s Minister of Education projected that this summer would be busy for educators as they train their faculty and teachers in such extensive language models. Teachers and staff will be busy rethinking their teaching methods this summer. He added that assisting students in interacting with these large language models while ensuring that they [students] are acquiring the proper lessons is the aim. According to him, traditional teaching methods have changed as global advances in science and education technology pick up speed. Cutting-edge tools are transforming the classroom through interactive and remote learning.

The Ministry of Education recently announced its dedication to adopting ground-breaking technologies and working with partners to create AI tutors powered by GPT. The Ministry will engage with partners like OpenAI, Microsoft, and other tech companies to ensure that AI technologies are used to improve the quality of learning and education, Mr. Al Falasi stated at the recent World Government Summit in Dubai. In his comments on Thursday, he stressed that the teacher’s job would not be taken over by new technology. He said that large language models and generative AI were ground-breaking and had simply prompted academics to change how they teach.


By preparing teachers in AI tutoring, the UAE’s Ministry of Education is making major progress toward incorporating Artificial Intelligence into its educational system. The training will include instructions on how to use AI-based software and tools, as well as ideas for how to use AI in teaching methods that are already in place. AI tutoring could help students learn faster and better, especially in math and physics. It could also make learning more personal. AI tutoring is not meant to replace human teachers, but it will help students learn more and give them more help. The UAE’s commitment to using cutting-edge technologies and working with partners to make GPT-powered AI tutors is a positive step toward changing the education industry

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