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July 16, 2024

‘The Undelivered’ becomes one of Aramex’s most talked about campaigns

Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, has delivered a resounding success with its poignant video campaign for Ramadan centered around an undelivered parcel destined for Gaza, uniting voices from around nations to inspire a global call for peace and universal brotherhood.

Since its rollout during early Ramadan, ‘The Undelivered’ video campaign by Aramex has witnessed participation on the dedicated website deliverpeace.global from across 43 countries, bringing together a fragmented world around the power of one word – ‘Salam’ or ‘Peace’ in Arabic.  The campaign videos have so far garnered more than 14 million views across different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram Facebook, X and LinkedIn. The video was also shared by some of the top influencers on Instagram, reaching over 10 million users. All elements of the campaign, such as the dedicated website and various media reports, have had over 20 million impressions. This success can be attributed to its universal message of providing reassurance to all communities and holding out hope for the future.

Focused on a parcel sent by a Palestinian citizen living abroad to his family back home in Gaza, which cannot be delivered until either a ceasefire is in place or the borders are opened, ‘The Undelivered’ video campaign ends with a call to action to send a message of peace via the website deliverpeace.global. The simple but powerful appeal of the campaign saw thousands of people recording and posting a short video message with the word ‘Salam’ – in solidarity with the campaign’s theme of promoting peace and harmony in Gaza and around the world.

Commenting on the success of the campaign, Mike Rich, Group CMO at Aramex, said: “We are truly inspired by the overwhelming response to ‘The Undelivered’ campaign, aimed at uniting people from all over the world who wish for peace with a unified message that resonates across Gaza and beyond. At Aramex, we are always driven by the mission to deliver a better future to all communities, and this Ramadan, we went beyond logistics to deliver an impactful message of peace and hope that can make a difference to our collective future. I would like to thank all those who participated in this universal humanitarian campaign. The viral success of this campaign is a testament to our social commitment that has always been a vital part of the strategic focus at Aramex.”

Commenting on the campaign, Shahir Sirry, Global Creative Director at Aramex, who also directed the film, said:  “It is heartening to witness the incredible response to our ‘The Undelivered’ campaign from across the globe. As a global brand with significant presence and recognition in the region and having navigated through various conflict zones, we felt compelled to address the current situation head-on. But, in a way that is related to our service. The essence of our message was to convey the truth that we are currently unable to deliver to Gaza. In directing the film, it was imperative for me to take the audience through the journey of a parcel, illustrating how it abruptly halts once the destination is identified. This bold statement, coming from a company dedicated to facilitating parcel deliveries to their final destinations, carries profound significance. Our objective was to frame this campaign around the universal desire for peace, and it’s evident that this message has struck a chord with millions of viewers worldwide. While Aramex may not have been able to physically deliver parcels to Gaza this Ramadan, we have successfully mobilized thousands of voices worldwide, delivering a global plea to foster harmony and alleviate human suffering.”

The campaign builds on Aramex’s wider corporate responsibility strategy of Delivering Good, underpinned by its commitment to delivering a positive impact to those in need.

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