April 21, 2024

The United Arab Emirate is to Embark on a New Process for Visa Change for Visitors in the Country

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security in the United Arab Emirates recently announced that it had initiated an intelligent service system that allows visitors within the country to extend the duration of their visas for 60 days upon expiration. Indeed, this initiative is a welcome change in the country as it eliminates issues frequently arising in the renewal or end of the visas of non-nationals. Below are details about the scheme.

What are the Specifics of the New Visa Change Scheme

 To mitigate the hassle, the UAE has embarked on an initiative allowing visa renewals for 60 more days—provided the owner adheres to specific rules.

For one, the applicant’s visa validity must date at least three months before the renewal application. Upon fulfilling this requirement, the applicant can extend the visa by accessing the Federal Authority for Identity’s website to view the innovative application for the extension of visa validity.

Notably, the applicant can only access the necessary features for renewal by signing in with a UAE pass which can be by creating a new account with the Federal Authority or using a pre-registered email and password. Where the application is rendered null due to incomplete data or lacking some particular information, the application will decline within 30 days after the process starts. Also, the application may undergo decline if the application is returned thrice for issues like incomplete information or documents. Thankfully, applications can be made through any customer happiness center in the UAE and the Federal Authority for Identity-approved typing centers. 

Applicants must pay a visa validity fee of USD54 (AED 200) for the renewal. This fee covers intelligent services for the application, application form, and authority and electronic services. In instances where the application is declined, the cost is refundable within six months of the application via the applicant’s credit card, a cheque, or bank transfer to local banks in the country.


A look at the UAE’s efforts to ensure ease of entry and remain its territory shows its progressiveness and the country’s top-notch hospitality. With this visa renewal scheme, visitors and non-nationals can rest assured that they will not be stranded or rudely expelled if it so happens that their visa expires before renewal. However, persons seeking renewal should begin the application process at least 30 days before the expiration of their current passports.

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