May 20, 2024

The United Arab Emirates has announced a Complete Overhaul of its Visa System to a New One

The United Arab Emirates has begun a strategic move for a visa system change to create one accessible and practical. The long journey to implementing new visa rules started in October 2022, and the country’s government is determined to see it through.

What are the Details about the Visa System Change in the UAE

The UAE has effected detailed reforms to its visa system, particularly for residents and entry permits. as one of the measures; it introduced the Federal Authority for Identity, Customs, and Port Security. Formerly known as the Emirates Identity Authority, the ICP functions to register population data and issue Emirates identity cards. This function is according to its mandate to set the general policy relating to national affairs, entry and exit from the country, including all necessary documents, and residence of foreigners in the country. 

The UAE has also introduced new visa rules while changing the existing visit visa system. The ICP also released the five-year multiple visa initiative, which allows tourists to enter the Emirates multiple times on self-sponsorship for five years, provided that their stay in the country does not exceed 90 days in a particular year. An applicant may make a further application(s) to the ICP on the need to extend the period of stay to 180 days, granted that a compelling reason is given for such an extension. The visa can be obtained easily, having submitted the requisite documents to the ICP.

The United Arab Emirates has also re-instituted its sixty days visa scheme. This scheme requires that visitors, especially those on arrival visas, get the opportunity to reside for about two months in the country’s territory, extinguishing the previous visa system, which requires the visitor to remain in the country for one month or three months.

As a strict venture, Emirates has introduced the exit or leave permit. Essentially, there must be an application for a permit to exit the country where the visitor has overstayed. Notably, only Dubai requires an exit permit upon leaving. Applicants can get this permit from the land borders and immigration office in Dubai. Indeed, the new visa rules are interesting. On the other side, the Overstay Standardization fee allows a visitor to incur a fine of AED50 every day for overstaying past the period permitted by the visa. This fine excludes a person forced to remain in the country due to flight cancellations or airport closures.

The Emirate has further bolstered the chances of entry into its territory by ceasing the stamping of resident visas into passports. Instead, it has directly instated the system of issuing Emirates identity cards. This system would mean that residents may no longer have to submit their tickets separately to be stamped and confirmed. They can quickly obtain an Emirates identity card.


The United Arab Emirates has brilliant plans for its visa climate. Undoubtedly, with the visa system changes in place, the ease of entry and exit from the territory will significantly improve. These ventures are sure to further foreign relations, investment, and national growth of the country

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