September 26, 2023

TickerChart partners with Riyad Capital to provide seamless brokerage access for investors

June 01, 2023- TickerChart, a leading market information platform for investors in the Middle East, has signed an agreement with Riyad Capital, a Saudi-based investment firm and the investment arm of Riyad Bank, to bolster trade capabilities and improve the overall trading experience for investors in the capital market of Saudi Arabia.

This collaboration enables TickerChart users, who are also Riyad Capital clients, to seamlessly access their brokerage accounts through TickerChart’s platform. With this integration, TickerChart’s customer base, primarily consisting of advanced technical analysts and active traders, will have the ability to route orders directly to their Riyad Capital brokerage accounts through TickerChart’s applications. This functionality opens up a world of enhanced trade execution and management capabilities, allowing customers to leverage TickerChart’s data-rich environment to its full potential.

The agreement marks another significant milestone for TickerChart, as it builds upon the triumphs of prior collaborations in the Saudi market, GCC markets, and international markets with US brokers. It also underscores TickerChart’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and data-rich platform for all investors in the region’s capital markets.

Abdelmuez Abukhalaf, CEO of TickerChart, said: “We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Riyad Capital, as it holds the potential to propel customer service to new heights and unlock fresh growth opportunities for both organizations. Building upon our successful collaborations with brokers in the Saudi market, GCC markets, and international markets, this alliance signifies TickerChart’s commitment to providing investors with a comprehensive, data-rich platform. By seamlessly connecting our front-end systems with Riyad Capital’s systems, we aim to deliver a holistic trading experience that equips traders and investors with the necessary tools for successful outcomes. This partnership presents an exceptional opportunity for both companies to elevate the quality of services offered to our valued customers.”

Under this partnership, customers will enjoy a seamless and data-driven trading experience by leveraging the advanced capabilities of TickerChart’s feature-rich products. These products include chart pattern recognition, real-time data filters, back-testing, and advanced server-side alerts. Through TickerChart’s platform, clients can effortlessly place orders and manage trades, empowering them with powerful tools and insights to make informed investment decisions. Additionally, clients will have access to TickerChart’s web- and app-based products, such as TickerChart Live, TickerChart Net, TickerChart Trend, and TickerChart Quant.

The collaboration between Riyad Capital and TickerChart represents a positive stride for both companies towards strengthening trading and asset management capabilities while aiding clients in attaining their financial goals. It underscores Riyad Capital’s commitment to providing clients with reliable charting tools and accurate data across significant markets. Moreover, the collaboration highlights TickerChart’s dedication to equipping Middle Eastern traders with comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools to enhance their trading strategies and maximize their profits.

TickerChart offers a leading market information platform for investors in the Middle East. Additionally, the business holds data vendor licenses from numerous stock exchanges throughout the world, including those in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, and the USA. By partnering with Riyad Capital, TickerChart aims to enhance order management and trading efficiency, offering added convenience to active traders who value swift order execution.


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