May 21, 2024

Tips to Start New Veterinary Practice

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 2023: Starting a veterinary practice can be a challenging task that requires special considerations. Unlike other types of businesses, veterinary clinics requires specific knowledge, skilled staff, specific medical equipment, and licensing. To ensure success, it’s important to consider the following factors when opening a practice:

Location: Choose an area with a high concentration of families who are likely to have pets. A space off a main road that is visible and accessible, with ample parking, would be ideal.

Staffing: Hire a skilled team with expertise in all areas of medical care, including administrative staff, veterinary nurses, technicians, and veterinarians.

Trusted Partners: Outside of staffing, equipment and location and other crucial investment for all animal care businesses is trusted supplier partnership. Trust only the best when it comes to having the best for long term.

Eurovets – A leading distributor of 30+ international brands of animal care products and services offers a comprehensive range of premium products at highly competitive prices, across GCC, as well as best in class support.

Eurovets mission is to advance animal welfare through premium solutions. By delivering quality products, its specialised team aims to improve animal welfare with after-sales services such as free installation and training.

Choose from a range of over-the-counter products, pet food and supplements, pet grooming products, oral care solutions, disinfectants, veterinary consumables, and more. That’s not all, Eurovets also offers services such as pet insurance, cold chain solutions, allergy test & treatment, blood bank service, and biosecurity training, which are committed to the advancement of the animal care industry.

With an aim to revolutionize veterinary care for pets and the people who love them, Eurovets aims to evolve veterinary standards, benefiting industry professionals, pets, and their human families.

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