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Trimble’s Tekla 2023 Software sets new standards for automated and connected workflow

16 March 2023: Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB), a leader in construction technology, introduced the latest version of its Tekla Software which helps manage Building Information Modelling (BIM), structural engineering, and steel fabrication. The latest upgrade of Tekla software, which includes Tekla Structures 2023, Tekla Structural Designer 2023, Tekla Tedds 2023, and Tekla PowerFab 2023, is set to raise the standard of automated and connected workflows across various project phases and stakeholders in the Middle East’s construction sector. 

According to recent reports, the construction sector of the Middle East is poised to grow even more, led by the UAE and Saudi Arabia with a total of USD 1.36 billion worth projects in pipeline. With the increasing number of new projects and pressure to meet deadlines, construction software solutions are gaining momentum in the region. Considering this evolving market conditions, Trimble has been advancing its Tekla software solutions.

Paul Wallett, Regional Director of Trimble Solutions, Middle East and India, said: “Being a pioneer in construction technologies, we constantly strive to raise the bar of the industry practices with the most innovative solutions and updated digital software services. In line with the digital transformation goals of the UAE and GCC countries, we are looking forward to supporting the industry. The 2023 edition of Tekla Software will accelerate the construction industry’s growth in the region, especially as the market is getting more competitive with ambitious projects including Saudi Arabia’s Neom and the UAE’s Etihad

Railway being under development. Additionally, as part of our ongoing efforts, Tekla products are certified with the ISO 27001 standard for information security management.”

The upgraded version of Tekla Structures 2023 offers users a better drawing-editing experience, which makes it easier to learn and use. The enhanced version of the software’s rebar detailing makes it easier to share the complex bar shape designs with procurement, manufacturing and construction site. The steel fabrication industry can leverage Tekla Structures 2023’s flexibility in covering more detailing options related to bolts and holes for specialised industries. In addition, it also features updated outputs and exports in the field of detailing for the fabrication of multiple types of projects and materials. The software’s new feature, Trimble Connect cloud-based collaboration platform helps those who don’t rely on Tekla Structures to manage changes in Tekla models, as it provides workflows for model review and approval, erection, fabrication and on-site operations where data is tracked in the platform.

Michael Evans, Senior Product Director, Trimble Structures, said: “Our product development focuses on delivering solutions that make building information more easily available, constructible and shareable to stakeholders across the industry to optimize the use of resources. Through continuous enhancements, in-product intelligence and expanded support for sustainable construction, we provide our customers with one of the most advanced BIM technology platforms on the market today,” said Michael Evans, senior product director, Trimble Structures.

The upgraded version of Tekla Structural Designer 2023, which brings a 3D design and analysis software to offer a rigorous analytical approach to footfall assessment, can help to make projects more cost-efficient and reduces chances of risk through accurate quantification of performance. Engineers can run multiple footfall scenarios in a single model seamlessly. It helps to enhance engineering office workflows by consolidating design-to-detail workflow with Tekla Structures, improving workflows for timber design using Tekla Tedds, improving the link to connection design software like IDEA StatiCa software, and introducing a new integrator for Autodesk Revit 2023 users.

The Tekla Tedds 2023 helps to improve the collaborative design-to-detailing workflows, by effortlessly integrating structural design information and documentation with Tekla Structures. The improved Tekla software provides a seamless workflow for end-to-end connection checking between engineers and steel detailers by linking Tedds calculations to Tekla Structures components through Tekla Structures. In addition, Tekla Tedds calculations help support multi-material design in Tekla Structural Designer with a specific focus on timber/wood design. It also includes new and updated calculations for faster, more reliable structural element design.

The Tekla PowerFab 2023 offers added functionalities that help the fabricators bring down chances of errors in projects by managing changes efficiently. Through the latest version, users can get easy access to visual production dashboards and shipping calendars. Additionally, the updated version further highlights the sustainability efforts of Trimble, with an enhanced tracking feature to track the origin of raw materials. It also provides new time-saving functionalities, through Tekla PowerFab Go mobile tool. 

The Middle East’s construction industry is rapidly transforming, driving solutions providers to improve their technologies. With continued expansion expected in the region’s construction sector, Trimble’s latest Tekla software is poised to serve the competitive market.

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