Turkish Airlines orders four Boeing 777 Freighters
July 14, 2024

Turkish Airlines orders four Boeing 777 Freighters

Global demand for air freight services grows

Turkish Airlines has ordered four Boeing 777 Freighters, enhancing its global air cargo market capabilities.

The announcement, made jointly by Boeing and Turkish Airlines on July 2, 2024, marks a strategic expansion that will triple the carrier’s fleet of 777 Freighters and add a substantial 408 metric tons to its cargo lift capacity.

Ali Türk, Turkish Airlines’ Chief Cargo Officer, highlighted the airline’s commitment to meeting the escalating demand for air freight services worldwide.

“This new investment underscores our dedication to enhancing operational capabilities and our strategic vision to lead the global air cargo sector,” Türk stated.

“The addition of these Boeing 777 Freighters will enable us to maintain our position at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled service and efficiency to our customers globally.”

The surge in e-commerce and the rising requirement for swift and reliable global transportation solutions drive the demand for air freight services.

Turkish Airlines’ decision to augment its fleet with the advanced capabilities of the 777 Freighters aims to optimise cargo operations, cut costs, and ensure timely deliveries across international destinations.

Paul Righi, Vice President of Boeing Commercial Sales for Eurasia, expressed Boeing’s pride in extending its longstanding partnership with Turkish Airlines.

“The Boeing 777 Freighter’s exceptional payload capacity, range, and operational flexibility will empower Turkish Airlines to deliver outstanding customer service while enhancing operational efficiencies,” Righi noted.

Boeing’s 777 Freighter is the world’s most capable twin-engine freighter, boasting a maximum payload capacity of 102 metric tons (112 tons) and an impressive range of 9,200 kilometres (4,970 nautical miles).

With over 265 deliveries, the 777 Freighter is Boeing’s best-selling freighter aircraft of all time. Boeing dominates the market, providing more than 90% of the global dedicated freighter capacity through new aircraft production and conversions.

In addition to its expanding fleet of freighters, Turkish Airlines operates a diverse range of Boeing aircraft, including the 777-300ER (Extended Range), Next-Generation 737, 737 MAX, and 787 Dreamliner models.

The acquisition of the additional 777 Freighters marks a significant milestone for Turkish Airlines. It strengthens its position in the competitive air cargo market, poised to meet the evolving demands of global commerce with enhanced efficiency and expanded capacity.

Featured image: The acquisition of the Boeing 777 Freighters marks a significant milestone for Turkish Airlines. Credit: Boeing

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