UAE appeals to deVere Group’s financial services graduates
July 13, 2024
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UAE appeals to deVere Group’s financial services graduates

New Zealand and Italy also favoured

Dubai-based deVere Group, a prominent player in global financial advisory services, has revealed that the top three international destinations for its financial graduates in the first half of 2024 are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), New Zealand, and Italy.

The designation underscores a trend towards these three countries as preferred hubs for international financial expertise driven by economic opportunities and favourable regulatory environments.

The UAE, increasingly recognised as a global financial powerhouse, continues to attract graduates due to its strategic location and robust financial services sector.

Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, highlighted the UAE’s appeal, stating that it remains a prime destination for its tax-free income, well-developed banking systems, and vibrant multicultural environment.

The influx of foreign millionaires seeking specialised financial advice has further fuelled the demand for skilled professionals in the region, supported by various residency schemes tailored for investors and entrepreneurs.

New Zealand emerges as another attractive destination, buoyed by its progressive regulatory framework and quality of life.

The country’s Active Investor Plus Visa, requiring a minimum investment of $5 million, has proven instrumental in drawing high-net-worth individuals seeking residency.

Green noted New Zealand’s emphasis on education, healthcare, and living standards as significant factors enhancing its appeal among financial graduates looking to advance their careers while enjoying a high quality of life.

Italy, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and dynamic business environment, rounds out the top three destinations.

With increasing numbers of foreign-born millionaires flocking to its shores, Italy offers robust banking and wealth management systems and opportunities in global stock markets.

The appeal of cities like Milan, known for their financial sectors, coupled with the Investor Visa for Italy, which grants residency to significant investors, underscores Italy’s allure for international financial advisors.

Green expressed excitement over these findings, emphasising that these countries provide excellent career prospects and cater effectively to the sophisticated financial needs of migrating millionaires. He underscored deVere Group’s commitment to equipping its professionals to excel in these dynamic markets, contributing to their economic vibrancy.

Beyond the top three destinations, deVere Group also identified Australia, Spain, and Portugal as popular choices among its financial graduates, reflecting a broader trend towards diversification in international financial advisory services.

Featured image: DIFC Gate District in Dubai. The UAE is increasingly recognised as a global financial powerhouse. Credit: Arnold Pinto

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