April 20, 2024

UAE earns praise for empowering the global AI community

AI sector is seen in need of supportive ecosystem

Haltia.AI, a Delaware, United States-headquartered personal artificial intelligence (AI) firm with a UAE-based subsidiary, has praised the UAE’s drive to establish the Arabian Gulf emirate as an AI epicentre in the Middle East, including support to AI startups.

The company stated that this robust support system, including funding, favourable regulations, talent attraction, tax incentives, and global collaboration platforms, has propelled Haltia.AI onto the worldwide stage.

The statement noted that the UAE’s approach to AI highlights the transformative impact of government support on startup growth, innovation, and global competitiveness.

Amidst the AI revolution in the UAE, startups like Haltia.AI are redefining societal norms with innovative solutions. However, their journey is fraught with challenges, necessitating a supportive ecosystem, as exemplified by the UAE’s proactive stance since establishing the world’s first AI ministry years ago.

Role model

Haltia.AI noted that the UAE’s nurturing innovation environment provides valuable insights for nations seeking to boost their AI sectors.

The spokesperson added that by offering funding, conducive regulatory frameworks, and global collaboration platforms, the UAE is emerging as a Silicon Valley of the East, fostering technological innovation worldwide.

Haltia.AI’s status as a globally recognised AI startup underscores the importance of governments prioritising security and adaptability in AI ventures. Talal Thabet, CEO of Haltia.AI, stressed the UAE’s approach, combining regulatory guidance, advisory support, and access to resources, as a global standard for supporting startups.

For governments aspiring to emulate the UAE’s role in AI rollout, it requires more than just policy drafting; it necessitates understanding AI sector dynamics, fostering public-private partnerships, and investing in education and research, said Thabet.

He added that government support must extend beyond services to build an innovation ecosystem, enhance living standards, and connect social networks.

Haltia.AI says its private and personal AI-powered ‘Super App’ adapts to a user’s “unique needs, offering dynamic assistance with guidance and insights” to “help” a user “achieve goals and win at life.”

Featured image: A thorough understanding of AI sector dynamics is crucial, says Haltia. AI. Credit: Michael Dziedzic

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