May 28, 2024

UAE Food Bank, Dubai Municipality collaborate to distribute 1,000 Iftar meals as part of “Your Harees On Us” initiative

The UAE Food Bank, in cooperation with Dubai Municipality, organized a campaign to distribute 1,000 Harees meals to deserving workers in Al Quoz Park, as part of the “Your Harees On Us” initiative launched by the bank at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. Volunteers from the Municipality, accompanied by their families and children, participated in the campaign to distribute meals.

The campaign is part of Dubai Municipality’s social responsibility, which aims to consolidate the values of goodness and giving in society, and to promote volunteer work, especially in the holy month, within the framework of its keenness to contribute to making Dubai the best city for living and prosperity, through its interest in achieving food security for the Emirate of Dubai, with the aim of ensuring the best welfare levels and quality of life for all its residents.

On the other hand, the UAE Food Bank distributed more than 12,000 Harees meals to Iftar tents and deserving groups, as part of the “Your Harees on Us” initiative, which is aimed to encourage kitchens to allocate at least one meal per day from the Harees dish, one of the traditional Emirati dishes and distribute it to the Iftar tents and the beneficiaries, in line with its role in supporting social responsibility among members of the community and promoting volunteer work among them.

The UAE Food Bank aims to provide three million meals from donations in Ramadan, in cooperation with food businesses, kitchens, restaurants and hotels. The bank also aims to raise awareness on the importance of reducing food surpluses and distributing them optimally, and contributing to the fight against hunger globally, by delivering food with high quality, and reducing its waste through integrated management of surplus food at all stages of collection and distribution.

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