February 22, 2024

Uniting Global Innovators, Artistry, and Sustainable Impact

As an accomplished investor, patron of the arts, and philanthropist, Lan Tschirky proudly presents her annual showcase during the World Economic Forum of The Lan.Space, a Davos-based event space and online network of influential thought leaders, ministers, artists, impact investors, and startups.

Lan.Space Summit and Gala highlight the theme of “The Roots of Human investment” creating an experience of the intersection of innovation, health, longevity, art, and community, uncovering sustainable investment strategies and hidden impact treasures.

Lan Tschirky is an example of leveraging capitalism for good, and the event themes will reveal her vision of the ecosystem that makes a difference with such headliners as:

Dr. Abdulla Al Kindi, the head of Ministry of Health in UAE, owner of ICPM, an organization driving innovation in tech and healthcare.

Elizabeth Markevitch, founder of ikonoTV, has played key roles in international art institutions, such as Sotheby’s Geneva, and co-founded eyestorm.com in 1997 to democratize art.

Dr. Bo Dimitrov, Chief Probiotic Sage, famous for innovations in radiotoxin decorporation and chelation therapies, rooted in classified military medical research, led to the creation of “the microfoods,” incorporated into NASA’s menu and serving as prebiotics for successful probiotic consortia.

Alexander Fries, a serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran, currently manages Ecosystem Ventures and Digital Twins Capital and is the CEO of InnoQube, an incubator in Chur designed to prepare startups globally for success.

Stewart Rogers, a veteran top-tier technology journalist and editor, keynote speaker, and serial founder, with a roster that includes VentureBeat and Dataconomy, and co-founder of ⅄Oᒋ⅋NOISՈᖵNOϽ

It will also feature other notable guests such as Sebastian Amaya, a director of Pololine, a TV channel, Chaly Pham, the CEO of Dateum, Drazenko Illic, the CPO of Suisse Blockchain, Marco Bozzi, a leading horse dealer and Arnaud Calis, co-founder of Stables Arceau, Maria Spatalis, and Anna Stukkert who will co-host the press conference with top tier media publications to amplify the impact message of ecosystem creation. The discussions will involve:

  • Art Power: Creativity and Wellness to Ignite Global Transformation
  • Emerging Tech: The Unseen Forces of Web3 and AI Driving Global Change
  • The Science of Longevity and Lifestyle to Live Younger and Longer
  • “The Alluring World of Horses: A Gateway to Thrill, Profit, and Unparalleled Connections,”
  • “Harnessing the Energy of Money: Making Conscious Investments That Drive Positive Change.”
  • “Mobilizing Ecosystems Regeneration for Climate”

The whole day will be filled with deep experiences and self-care. Richard Poiré is a visionary artist and creator behind Elixir of Life who will offer the healing session towards personal development, energy therapy, and quantum healing.

Aleks Nestrenko will come to enlighten us on Osteopatia, healing sessions, and laughing therapy.

The visitors will also enjoy the Immersive art and performances featuring Slow Art and Climatethemed films from ikonoTV and augmented reality experienced curated by Chroma Link Collective around climate justice and gender equality, recently featurd at Art Basel Miami with Confusion&Joy and WeCare, who brought together their art for impact.

The gala dinner, featuring discussions among 150 individuals, will showcase Khalid Dahbi, a renowned chef who has cooked for presidents and royal families worldwide, and celebrities including Julia Roberts and Pierce Brosnan.

Lan Tschirky will create the magic of human connection, release the second edition of Lan To Capital magazine, and DJ with Till Sunday Pirate, who playsthe didgeridoo, an instrument from Australia, to unite through tunes and creativity.

The Lan.Space Summit and Gala are being co-created with ⅄Oᒋ⅋NOISՈᖵNOϽ, an impact creator house where Ksenia Stark & Stewart Rogers convey impactful experiences by empowering creators, fresh from its recent success at Art Basel Miami.

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