March 5, 2024

Unveiling the Saudi Woman Revolutionizing Arabic Literature through Wearable Art

Maryah Abudeeb creates jewelry pieces inspired by poetry and literature. Abudeeb, a sourcing expert, founded Mashq, a jewelry brand named after an ancient and classic type of calligraphy. The term translates to “stretch out,” which is what is done to Arabic letters in calligraphy.

Exploring The Vision Behind Abudeeb’s Brand And How It Brings Together Arabic Calligraphy And Jewelry-Making

She got motivated at a young age by her father’s writing and her mother’s handmade creations. She explained that her parents influenced her artwork. Specifically, she mentioned that her father specialized in calligraphy. She grew up admiring her father’s beautiful Arabic calligraphy, and it still inspires and motivates her today.

According to her, her mother was a creative person who could transform ordinary things into beautiful ones, be it a basic toy or a grand masterpiece. Her upbringing set off her passion for handcrafted items. During her travels to various countries, Abudeeb came across buildings decorated with historical Arabic inscriptions. This experience provided her with new sources of inspiration.

Abudeeb has a strong fondness for Islamic art and believes that it deserves to be displayed and admired. She said that she enjoys reading books about Islamic design to learn more about the various patterns and phrases influenced by Islamic art.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, she had an epiphany. She thought about combining her two interests, jewelry, and Arabic calligraphy, into one project. It was at this point that Mashq began.

Abudeeb released her debut collection in March of 2021. As the calligrapher and designer of each piece of jewelry, she was actively involved in the process.

She thought about the idea of merging her interests in jewelry and Arabic calligraphy to create a unified project.

Abudeeb explained that she integrates verses and lines from her preferred Arabic poetry and literature into her designs.

Abudeeb believes that the most important aspect of crafting a flawless piece of jewelry is its ability to elicit emotions from the person wearing it. The artist incorporates various phrases and materials, including silver, gold plating, and gemstones, to connect the customer and the engraved words.

According to her belief, when an individual adorns one of her creations, the inscribed words on it mirror their feelings or act as an inspiration.

She added that her work on collections for Mashq provided her with a valuable learning experience. She began with no prior experience and eventually gained extensive knowledge in the jewelry industry, including the ability to create designs and perform repairs on themselves.

In the future, she plans to release a bigger collection using pure gold and also expand the Mashq men’s collection.


Abudeeb’s art is heavily influenced by her father’s calligraphy and her mother’s imaginative nature. She merges her love for Arabic calligraphy and jewelry-making in her jewelry designs, which feature verses from Arabic poetry and literature. Abudeeb’s Mashq combines the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and the art of jewelry to create meaningful items that speak to people personally.

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