June 25, 2024

Up in Peonies: Artist Crafted Crop Top Made of Peonies

Across the globe, mid-May to June mark the time when we can enjoy the beauty of the fluffiest flower – the peony. Flowwow, a global gifting marketplace for local brands, and artist Katerina Shukshina, known for her nature-inspired Chanel ballets, have collaborated to design a real crop top made of peonies to celebrate this fleeting season.

From breathtaking bouquets of peonies to diverse peony-inspired products including candles, cupcakes, cakes and handmade soap from local artisans, Flowwow created the exclusive collection of peony-inspired gifts to bring the peony season to the UAE market. But Flowwow didn’t stop there. We collaborated with an artist Katerina Shukshina to create the ultimate peony power move: the bow top crafted entirely from these symbolic blooms. The artist used the classic Sarah Bernhardt peony, a nod to love, affection, and tenderness – the perfect touch to tie the whole collection together. 

The Peony Top is a reminder that anyone can find inspiration from the daily routine and the things that surround us. Particularly during the scorching UAE heat, when people spend more time indoors, it’s even more crucial to seek activities that break the monotony. Imagine transforming an ordinary dinner with friends into a creative experience!

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