May 20, 2024
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Upgrade Wellness with the CBD Range

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 2023: At LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, encouraging self-care and boosting well-being has always been at the heart of our ethos, ensuring that every product we hand-make is created with the customer in mind. The LUSH CBD Range, infused with cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD oil, is now available in the UAE for shoppers to indulge in much-needed me time to reset and relax. The range includes four products infused with CBD oil including the 4:20PM Bath Bomb, Botanomancy Bubble bar, 4:20PM Perfume, and Joints Massage Bar.  

What is CBD oil and where does it come from?

CBD oil is a non-addictive compound that is known for its therapeutic effects, believed to help lessen anxiety, and for its anti-inflammatory effects. CBD oil is not psychotropic and does not induce a high, which means that does not affect the mental state, contrary to the popular misconception about it. It can help a person feel better and supercharge, and is also widely used for other beneficial purposes. Every product that Lush uses and produces goes through rigorous internal and external animal-free testing including our CBD oil source, which is extracted from the stems and seeds of the hemp plant, and is tested to ensure that it contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychotropic compound.

Why does LUSH use CBD oil and what are its benefits?

LUSH creates cosmetics that not only look and smell good but makes the customers feel good too. Mental health conditions are now at the forefront of global discussions, where more people than ever are looking for ways to help them unwind. CBD oil is known to help clients to feel good, and we are happy to create products that supercharge self-care in a safe and ethical way. CBD oil is still being studied and current research has found that when applied topically as part of cosmetic products, it can have anti-inflammatory benefits making it great for caring for the skin, reducing redness, and even tackling acne. Further studies have shown that it may have a positive impact on the central nervous system, improving well-being in a safe and ethical way.

The LUSH CBD Range is available in select LUSH stores across UAE and online at

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