April 20, 2024

The 10 US States Most Concerned About AI Technology

Study ranks states from the highest to the lowest

A new study has revealed the varying levels of concern regarding artificial intelligence (AI) technology across different states in the United States.

According to the study conducted by Ask Optimo, an AI-powered tool, despite being major tech hubs, states such as California, Washington, and New York have displayed reservations about AI’s implications.

The study’s methodology involved analysing approximately 1,000 Google queries related to AI concerns across all US states.

Futurist Gerd Leonhard highlights AI’s impact at Cloudera’s EVOLVE 2023 event in NYC. Credit: Arnold Pinto

To collect the necessary data for their study, the researchers searched for keywords and search terms in which concerns over AI technology were raised, such as ‘Why is AI dangerous,’ ‘AI threats,’ ‘Is AI safe,’ ‘AI detectors,’ ‘AI regulation,’ ‘AI takeover’ and many more. 

Gerd Leonhard explains the US government’s move to enact AI safeguards. Credit: Arnold Pinto

The study team then calculated the total number of searches for each state for 100,000 people and ranked the states from the highest to the lowest searches. 

The 10 US States Most Concerned About AI Technology


Washington state emerged as the top contender, registering the highest number of monthly searches related to AI concerns, with 1,476 searches per 100,000 residents.

This finding is particularly noteworthy considering Washington’s status as the home of tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon. Common search queries included ‘AI risks’ and ‘Is AI safe?’


Following closely behind, Massachusetts ranked second regarding AI concerns, averaging 1,385 monthly searches per 100,000 individuals.

Massachusetts residents engage deeply with topics such as AI dangers and regulations. Credit: Arnold Pinti

Given the presence of esteemed institutions like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it is unsurprising that residents are deeply engaged with topics such as AI dangers and regulations.

New York

New York, another prominent tech hub, secured the third spot on the list, with 1,364 monthly searches per 100,000 residents.

New Yorkers are concerned about AI’s effects on their lives. Credit: Arnold Pinto

The state’s high search volume for terms like ‘AI risks’ and ‘Can AI attack humans’ reflects a palpable unease regarding the potential repercussions of AI advancements.

New Jersey

Neighbouring New Jersey followed closely in fourth place, with over 1,256 average monthly searches per 100,000 people. Like other leading states, New Jersey residents expressed concerns about AI risks and its perceived dangers.


California, renowned for Silicon Valley, ranked fifth, with an average of 1,230 monthly searches per 100,000 residents. The state’s tech prominence fuels apprehension regarding AI threats and the need for regulatory measures.

Connecticut, Virginia, Florida, Oregon, Georgia

Connecticut, Virginia, Florida, Oregon, and Georgia ranked in the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth positions in the top 10 US states with the highest AI-related search volumes. Common queries across these states included inquiries about AI safety, threats, and regulatory frameworks.

A common query in Connecticut is about AI safety, threats, and regulatory frameworks. Credit: Arnold Pinto

Commenting on the findings, Joe Davies, an AI expert and founder of Ask Optimo, stressed the growing public scrutiny surrounding AI technologies.

He noted that as AI continues gaining popularity, safety and privacy concerns are becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in states with well-established tech infrastructures.

Headquartered in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, Ask Optimo was created by Fat Joe, an on-demand SEO and marketing services platform.

Featured image: New York state figures third on the list of the top 10 US states most concerned about AI technology. Credit: Arnold Pinto

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