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July 20, 2024

VAST Data and Northern Data Group Partner to Deliver Market-Leading Scale, Speed, and Energy-Efficient AI Cloud

 VAST Data, the AI data platform company, today announced a strategic partnership with Northern Data Group’s GenAI cloud platform, Taiga Cloud, a leading European generative AI cloud service provider (CSP). Together, Taiga Cloud and VAST will deliver dedicated, scalable generative AI cloud services to Europe, driven by 100 percent carbon-free energy. 

Gartner predicts that by 2030, AI could consume up to 3.5 percent of the world’s electricity. To meet this growing demand, organizations are seeking sustainable and energy-efficient AI solutions. Taiga Cloud, a Cloud partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, provides access to a large NVIDIA GPU network in Europe, with over 20,000 NVIDIA GPUs, including the latest NVIDIA H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs. Its platform runs entirely on carbon-free, renewable energy, and boasts a less than 1.2 Power Usage Effectiveness ratio.

Combining this efficiency with VAST’s differentiated Disaggregated Shared Everything (DASE) architecture and Similarity data reduction software will provide access to a high-speed, low-latency and data-sovereign cloud built for accelerated computing, while ensuring organizations aren’t compromising on their sustainability objectives.

“Northern Data Group is committed to providing best-in-class solutions driven by energy from renewable sources,” said Aroosh Thillainathan, Founder and CEO, Northern Data Group. “This partnership with VAST Data is doing just this, helping to bring scalable, sustainable solutions to customers, enabling them to bring their best ideas to life.”

Key benefits for customers leveraging Northern Data Group’s Taiga Cloud with the VAST Data Platform include:

  • Reduced Environmental Footprint with Sustainable Infrastructure: With best-in-class infrastructure and the latest liquid-cooling technologies to optimize GPUs for optimal efficiency, renewable energy and waste-reduction solutions, and VAST’s efficient data management capabilities, organizations can achieve aggressive sustainability goals in the face of power-hungry AI deployments and applications – without compromising on performance.
  • A Robust Cloud Services Catalog: The VAST Data Platform offers easy API access to encapsulate its storage, database, global namespace and compute engine capabilities into Taiga Cloud’s wide-ranging advanced cloud data services and support, enabling Taiga Cloud to pass on best-in-class services to customers.
  • Improved Performance with Enterprise Features: VAST’s performance – particularly for AI-driven applications requiring high throughput and fast access speed – flexibility, and multi-tenancy, allows Taiga Cloud to help customers manage, move and protect their data with enterprise-grade features. Superior service levels, particularly in GPU cluster interconnectivity and storage speed, are also possible, which is crucial for intensive computational workloads.
  • Expanded Access to Secure, Compliant GPU Services: Thanks to VAST’s multi-tenant, scalable solutions, Taiga Cloud securely and efficiently scales its infrastructure in perfect harmony with its growing customer base – allowing Taiga Cloud to serve startups and smaller enterprises that might not have the capital to invest in high-performance computing infrastructure independently.

“With the VAST Data Platform, Taiga Cloud is bringing to market one of Europe’s leading GPU-accelerated clouds, with robust services and support offerings for generative AI deployments,” said Chris Morgan, Vice President, Solutions at VAST Data. “VAST provides CSPs with software infrastructure solutions that combine the speed, scale, security and GDPR-compliant operations that data-intensive organizations across the globe require for their AI workflows.”

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