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July 18, 2024

Veracode Elevates Developer-Powered Application Risk Management

Veracode, a global leader in application risk management, today announced platform innovations that set a new standard for developer-powered application security. New repo risk visibility and analysis from Longbow Security, powered by Veracode, speeds up remediation of application risk from code repositories to runtime images. The solution launches alongside Veracode Fix in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Batch Fix to bridge the gap between development and security teams. These latest innovations help developers focus on the most critical tasks that drive value and differentiation.

“Developers today face significant competing pressures to innovate faster and perform more security checks on their code than ever before,” said Tim Jarrett, Group Head of Product Management at Veracode. “We are committed to a frictionless experience for developers and security operators and our latest product enhancements make the job of securing code simple and seamless.”

Bringing Developer & Security Teams Together: Repo Risk Visibility & Analysis

In April, Veracode acquired Longbow Security to help organizations effectively manage and reduce application risk across the growing attack surface. The integration of Longbow’s newest capability, repo risk visibility and analysis, bridges the gap between development and security teams with enhanced visibility from code repositories to cloud assets and runtime images. It also illuminates infrastructure-as-code and misconfiguration risk for cloud assets originating from repositories.

“Customers challenged us to apply our unique cloud risk and prioritization expertise from Longbow to problems they face managing upstream risk in their code repositories,” said Derek Maki, Vice President of Product Management at Veracode. “We responded with a solution that gives visibility into the relationship between source code weaknesses and runtime security posture. Simultaneously, development teams get a consolidated view of risk and huge time savings when it comes to prioritizing remediation, reducing code changes, and fixing issues fast.”

This new feature complements Veracode’s latest innovation for GitHub repo scanning, which enables developers to streamline activities like staging servers and environments so they don’t need to scan every time. This makes it easier for development and security teams to collaborate on secure coding and scanning as Veracode results are delivered to GitHub where developers can act immediately.

Security Debt Reduction: Veracode Fix in the IDE & Batch Fix

Research shows 92 percent of U.S.-based developers are already using artificial intelligence (AI) coding tools both in and outside of work, with generative AI helping software engineers write code 35-45 percent faster. At the same time, other research suggests code developed by AI contains the same percentage of security flaws as that generated by humans.

Veracode was the first company to deliver a solution that provides developers with AI-generated secure code fixes. Since launching Veracode Fix at RSA Conference last year, hundreds of customers have used the solution to reduce their backlog of security debt and risk. Ninety-two percent of CWEs (Common Weakness Enumeration) with a severity rating from medium to very high can be addressed through AI-generated code edits from Veracode Fix.

With the introduction of Veracode Fix in the IDE, developers can now fix flaws faster with AI-suggested remediation right in the IDE, without switching applications or researching alternative code options. Fixes can be made before code is pushed through the software development lifecycle, dramatically cutting the time and cost spent fixing flaws compared to retroactive remediation.

Batch Fix enables bulk AI-assisted remediation of flaws in source code across multiple flaws and files in one operation. This makes remediation of flaws an order of magnitude faster, aiding the reduction of security debt at scale. For example, developers can use it to fix a CWE that requires an easy-to-test resolution and run it across multiple source files at once.

Jarrett closed, “With these latest innovations, Veracode meets developers where they are—in the tools they use daily—to help them secure the code they create today, without compromising productivity. This vastly improves efficiency and velocity, fostering a culture of collaboration and trust between development and security teams.”

Repo Risk Visibility & Analysis, Veracode Fix in the IDE, and Batch Fix are available immediately. For more information, please visit the Veracode blog.

Visitors to RSA Conference can learn more about Veracode’s platform and these new features by visiting Veracode’s booth #2045 in the main hall.

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