September 26, 2023
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Video: MENews247 tours various tile manufactures in Spain, gathers exclusive industry insights, trends shaping the sector

Dubai-based MENews247 visited ceramic tile producers in Valencia, Spain as part of an international press tour organized by Tile of Spain – the official umbrella brand that represents the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers Association (ASCER).

The press mission also included a visit to some of the showrooms and production lines as well as an architectural project in ceramics. The international journalists also attended a press conference in Valencia where ASCER shared exclusive insights, numbers, and innovations for 2022/2023 including trends that are shaping the ceramics industry globally.

MENews247 spoke to a few of Spain-based tile manufacturers on the sidelines of the press tour who highlighted various issues that are fuelling the growth of the ceramics industry in Spain and globally. They also shared exclusive insights and trends that are shaping the sector.

Middle East is a key export market for Gres Aragón

Gres Aragón is a leading manufacturer of ceramic products for flooring and cladding exteriors and interiors; covering building skins; tiling, edging and surrounding pools; and equipping facilities with special hygiene and safety requirements.

Based in Castellón, Spain, the 80-year-old company is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of extruded tiles (klinker), with a production capacity of 10,000m2 a day.

With the Middle East being one of its main export markets Gres Aragón is internationally renowned for its wide range of exclusive designs for floor tiles. The company’s ceramic products are especially resistant to chemicals, making them both durable and long-lasting.

In this exclusive interview with MENews247 in Castellón, Elena Valenzuela Taús of the Gres Aragón Marketing Department highlights the uniqueness of the company, and the importance of the Middle East market for the company.

Cevica excels in providing customised tiles to the Middle East

Cevica emerged from a family idea and illusion more than 30 years ago and has since been driven by an artisanal character and passion for growing and evolving in the ceramic tile manufacturing sector.

Headquartered in Castellón, Spain, Cevica specialises in the production of small floor tiles, wall tiles, borders and special pieces that are a perfect mix between tradition and avant-garde.

In this exclusive interview with MENews247 in Castellón, Raul Carnicer, CEO of Cevica elaborates on the uniqueness of the company, and the growing role the Middle East is playing in the company’s export agenda. In particular, Carnicer says he works extensively with projects in the GCC region, with clients in the region favouring the customised tiles that Cevica excels in producing.

Vives astonishes with a new tile line made of 90% recycled material

With production and administrative offices in Castellón, Spain, Vives Azulejos y Gres is a leading tile company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic wall tiles, flooring and porcelain stoneware, where large format and technical solutions, such as non-slip flooring, stand out.

In this exclusive interview with MENews247 in Castellón, Matias Nieto of the Export Department of, explains the sustainability mission of the company, including the launch of a new tile collection made of 90% recycled material and named after an Amazonian tribe. The company’s ‘Secret Room’ houses the Vives’ latest and most awe-inspiring collections displayed in row upon row of creative exclusivity.

Apavisa Porcelanico presents exclusive gold and silver range for the Middle East

Headquartered in Castellón, Spain, Apavisa Porcelanico is a leading manufacturer of high-technical porcelain offering the global market technology, innovation and design that are unique to the company.

The company maintains an extensive range of products encompassing a huge range of stone, cement, wood, solid, metal, and encaustic pieces.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes, and strict controls throughout the whole of the production process, Apavisa Porcelanico is able to offer consumers porcelain tiles with first-class technical properties and decorative and creative versatility that are needed for today’s contemporary architecture and in innovative design.

In this exclusive interview with MENews247 in Castellón, Pedro Miralles, Commercial Director of Apavisa Porcelanicosays the main mission of the company is to offer clients unique design that is unlike anything else in the market.

Innovation at Apavisa Porcelanico stems from the extraordinary, says Miralles, even as he explains that the company goes beyond standard global trends by offering clients exotic collections.

Apavisa Porcelanico has launched a unique gold and silver collection exclusively for the Middle East, and developed with cutting-edge PVD technology.

Arnold Pinto

Arnold Pinto

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