May 26, 2024

Visa and ‘ImInclusive’ Partner to Promote Workplace Inclusion

Dubai, UAE, 26 April 2023: Visa today announced a partnership with ‘ImInclusive’, the winner of Visa’s 2022 ‘She’s Next- UAE’ competition and UAE’s 1st social certified inclusive employment platform, connecting people of determination (POD) across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with potential employers. Together, Visa and ImInclusive plan to take concrete action to create more inclusive workplaces and provide financial education for POD in the region.

The partnership aims to make Visa’s recruitment process more inclusive and accessible for people of determination. ImInclusive will conduct a series of workshops aligned with the UAE’s latest policies and global standards to deliver company-wide training to Visa employees. The sessions will cover various topics to educate recruiters and people managers at Visa about inclusive recruitment and their role in creating equity. The program will focus on enhancing awareness of disability inclusion, building teams that are ready to embrace inclusivity, and promoting employee engagement.

Carl Manlan, Visa’s Vice President, Inclusive Impact and Sustainability for Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa said: “We are proud of our commitment towards ensuring that Visa remains a diverse and inclusive environment. Our partnership with ImInclusive will enable us to create enhanced career opportunities for people of determination through work-based learning programs, continuing education, as well as training and reskilling. As aggregators of industry knowledge, financial leaders must work together to empower people of determination and provide them with the tools needed to thrive in the digital economy.”

Visa recognizes the challenges faced by POD, who often lack access to financial information and decision-making. To address this issue, Visa is also partnering with ImInclusive to launch their Digital Learning Academy, which aims to provide flexible, interactive training to help POD gain the knowledge and skills required to continue to grow in their roles and organizations.

Hafsa Qadeer, CEO and Founder at ImInclusive shared: “Industry leaders such as Visa, hold the power to unlock inclusion and equity at the workplace by taking action with measurable impact. Disability inclusion is a continuous journey that requires commitment and future-ready leadership. Visa and ImInclusive’s results-driven teamwork and aligned long-term vision provides a roadmap to financial independence that will benefit People of Determination across MENA for decades to follow.”  

Visa will participate as a pioneer trainer on the academy, offering a mix of self-paced instructional content as well as collaborative, team-based learning with a focus on upskilling that centers around personal savings, financial understanding, and money management. Course content, that will also be available on the ImInclusive website, will be delivered in English, Arabic, and American Sign Language.

Visa training will be bolstered by existing financial literacy programs, including the award-winning Practical Money Skills 2 and MyMoneySkills, as well as online games such as Financial Football, and Cash Puzzler 3. To date, Visa’s financial literacy programs have reached millions of people across the world, are accessible in 44 countries and have been localized in 18 languages.

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