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vivo unveils Y22s and Y35 new with upgraded battery performance and immersive view

Dubai, 4 January 2022 – vivo is poised to shake up the budget smartphone segment with the launch of two smartphones among its Y series, the Y22s and Y35. The new arrivals will stand apart for their exceptional battery life and striking design, but also bring a host of other class-leading features including improved HD color-rich screens for Y22s and FHD color-rich screens for Y35, trendy handset colors, excellent craftsmanship, and superior photography. Both smartphones will also be powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 680 processor for exceptional all-round performance.

The water and dust-resistant smartphones feature a minimalistic body that rests comfortably in the user’s hand, with the body of the 5.55-inch Y22s and 6.58-inch Y35 maintaining a 2.5D curvature with rounded, symmetrical corners. Additionally, the frosted anti-glare surface across each device is resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

Other similar features available in both the Y22s and Y35 include Side Fingerprint and Face Wake. Side Fingerprint is an integration of the fingerprint with the power button so users can power-on and unlock the phone at the same time. With Face Wake, users avoid the need to type in a passcode as the feature instantaneously detects their face. Similar to previous releases, the Y22s and Y35 will also include a Multi-Turbo 5.5 and Ultra Game Mode for a lag-free experience – sure to satisfy both the core gamer and everyday smartphone user.

The vivo Y22s is available with either a glittering Starlit Blue color finish or Summer Cyan, which evokes a cool breeze on a sunny day. The Y35, meanwhile, is available in a sophisticated Agate Black or Dawn Gold, the latter inspired by the glow of an ocean sunrise.

For capacity, battery, fast charging and photography, the vivo Y22s and Y35 present differing but equally impressive performance.

Upgraded capacity

Users will gain impressive capacity whether choosing the Y22 or Y35. Offering a generous 128GB of space, which is the equivalent of 762 and 854 episodes of TV dramas respectively for the Y22 and Y35, buyers are in total control of utilizing the capacity to hold even more photos, games, applications, and more. Both smartphones boast a three-card slot design that allows for another memory card of up to 1TB to be added.

In addition to 8GB of RAM, the Y35 features an extended RAM 3.0 of up to 8GB and additional functionality such as app grouping, app compression and data aggregation. The feature is ideal for users wanting to store large amounts of data, as the device’s memory is used at maximum efficiently with lower power consumption.

Faster charging and outstanding battery performance 

For hardcore gamers, the Y22s’s 18W Fast Charge function is an ideal addition. With it, a mere 15-minute charge can allow for another 258 minutes of video or five rounds of games. Within 70 minutes, users can expect their phones to reach 70 percent charge from zero.

The Y35, meanwhile, boasts a 44W Flash Charge. Within 15 minutes, the Y35 smartphone will attain sufficient power while in 34 minutes, the device will reach 70 percent charge.

A 5000mAh battery capacity for both smartphones eliminates battery anxiety for users, with a single charge providing power for up to two days in stand-by mode, 21.5 hours of online HD movie streaming, or 9.4 hours of graphics-intensive games for Y22s and 14.3 hours of online HD movie streaming, or 7.05 hours of graphics-intensive games for Y35.

Smarter photography

With a 50mp main camera and macro camera, the vivo Y22s and Y35 delivers unique camera photography with a single touch. Every click is a high-definition masterpiece to allow users to relive each moment in vivid detail. Meanwhile, the phone’s macro-camera provides crystal-clear focus as close as 4cm for ultra-detailed shots.

The Y22s includes a host of further smart camera features, from HD-clear selfies to a super night camera, multi-style portrait, and a smart-face beauty video algorithm. What’s more, the various dynamic modes create a natural look while capturing the subject’s unique profile and appearance.

The Y35 also boasts a bokeh camera that delivers a sophisticated look, making portraits look more alive and with greater depth. Its Rear Camera Video EIS and Bokeh Flair Portrait also enable users to click steady and stable photos and videos as the features adjust to different point lights as needed.

vivo Y22s is priced at AED 779 and Y35 at AED 899.

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