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July 16, 2024

Whole Body Health with Two New Omega-3 Supplements from Seven Seas

Pioneering Cod Liver Oil brand SevenSeas announced the launch of Two NEW Supplements for Whole Body Health in the UAE: Seven Seas MAXEPA Forte and Seven Seas JointCare Max. Backed by SevenSeas heritage and anchored in Omega-3 science, these innovative products have been formulated with the highest quality ingredients to support whole body and joint health needs of health-conscious individuals in the UAE.

Tarek Abdelaziz, Vice President, and Seven Seas™ Brand Leader, said, “Since its inception in 1935, Seven Seas has continuously evolved and expanded its product range to meet the changing needs of our consumers at every stage of life. With consumers increasingly looking for holistic health solutions, our objective is to develop supplements that offer a broad spectrum of health benefits, utilizing strategic combinations of nutrients. Seven Seas MAXEPA Forte and Seven Seas JointCare Max are a result of extensive research and meticulously formulated to offer a broad spectrum of health benefits that extend beyond simple Omega-3 supplementation.”

Seven Seas MAXEPA Forte is a premium supplement designed for whole-body health. With high strength 1106 mg Fish oil and 640 mg high quality Omega-3, it supports cardiovascular health, cognitive sharpness, and visual acuity. Its superiority lies in its potent Omega-3 blend and comprehensive formulation.

Seven Seas JointCare Max offers optimal Joint Care with a 3-in-1 formula, which includes Glucosamine (1500mg), Omega-3 (400mg).and Collagen (100mg) to support cartilage, bones, muscles, and connective tissues.

Talking about the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids in maintaining overall health, Ahmad Mousa, Medical & Technical Affairs Lead for Seven SeasMiddle East shared, “Seven Seas’ MAXEPA Forte and JointCare Max supplements, both based on cutting-edge Omega-3 science and extensive research, are designed to offer comprehensive benefits that cater to the diverse needs of consumers, aiming to ensure their holistic well-being. MAXEPA Forte has been carefully crafted to enhance cardiovascular health, cognitive functionality, and eye health, integrating a comprehensive wellness approach that nurtures the heart, brain, and eyes. On the other hand, Seven Seas JointCare Max has been specifically designed to deliver superior joint care, enhancing robustness and vitality in joints.”

Seven Seas MAXEPA Forte and Seven Seas JointCare Max are now available in leading pharmacies and health stores throughout the UAE. For more information, please visit Seven Seas Arabia

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