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July 25, 2024

With a Super Intelligent Factory Officially Put into Production, EXEED Opens a New Chapter in “Intelligent Manufacturing”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Recently, the Super Intelligent Factory of EXEED was officially put into production, which marks the beginning of a new chapter of EXEED brand 2.0, and also represents that EXEED will accelerate the digital transformation and facilitate the brand to achieve the strategic goals for high-end and new energy production.
EXEED’s Super Intelligent Factory is a pace-setting beacon factory built to international standards, incorporating advanced digital intelligence, green environmental practices, high efficiency, and luxury brand quality management. The factory is an Industrial 4.0 model factory, comparable to the world’s leading intelligent manufacturing levels.

Customers now seek personalized automotive products, and EXEED’s Super Intelligent Factory meets those needs by making adaptive adjustments from design to manufacturing. The factory will eventually achieve an advanced production mode of mass and personalized customization, where intelligent recommendations, customized orders, flexible assembly, and direct delivery are possible.

EXEED’s Super Intelligent Factory spans 260,000 square meters and includes four major processes (stamping, welding, painting, and general assembly), along with R&D, testing, inspection, and test track facilities. The factory produces vehicles and components for the EXEED M3X Platform series and achieves mixed-model production of conventional motor vehicles and NEVs simultaneously. On average, a new vehicle rolls off the production line every 1.5 minutes.

EXEED’s Super Intelligent Factory has the world’s fastest interactive customization in its stamping workshop, with a 6600T automatic high-speed synchronous production line and a 100% automation rate. In the welding workshop, 350 AI robots with advanced AI quality control can switch quickly between different models. The painting workshop uses energy-saving and eco-friendly technology, reducing gas demand by 22%, while the general assembly workshop has high precision technology, modular design, and an accurate appearance clearance surface difference inspection robot with 0.02mm accuracy.

EXEED’s Super Intelligent Factory is a green factory that adheres to the “Dual Carbon” strategy, minimizing its “carbon footprint”. It uses reclaimed and rainwater recycling technology, saving 180,000 tons of water per year. The factory generates self-power through large-area photovoltaic panels, reducing carbon emissions by 110,000 tons annually. Waste heat utilization and condensate recovery technology reduce gas usage by 852,000 cubic meters per year, meeting the highest environmental protection standards worldwide, including in Europe.

EXEED’s Super Intelligent Factory is a global leader in intelligence, quality, efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It introduces the HiGOPlot Industrial Internet Platform jointly built with COSMOPlat, establishing a new mass personalization production mode. EXEED explores the industrial Internet to empower intelligent factory construction, enhance brand competitiveness, and start the next chapter in intelligent manufacturing amidst the unprecedented changes in the auto industry.

Recently, the first strategic model in the Super Intelligent Factory of EXEED, the RX, was also completed. In the future, the Super Intelligent Factory of EXEED will also produce more high-end products under the new EXEED architecture, bringing the charm of intelligent manufacturing to global users.

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