May 28, 2024

World-famous Judge Frank Caprio is IGCF 2023 keynote speaker

‘The Nicest Judge in the World’ will be honoured on September 14

Judge Frank Caprio, former Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of Providence, United States, will be a keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF 2023) in Sharjah City.

Sharjah Government Media Bureau will host IGCF under the theme – Today’s Resources, Tomorrow’s Wealth – at Expo Centre Sharjah from September 13-14, 2023.

Apart from American Judge Frank Caprio, key decision-makers, government and semi-government officials, intellectuals, and development and communication experts worldwide are expected to attend the two-day event, the 12th annual edition.

‘The Nicest Judge in the World’

Caprio’s compassionate rulings have made him a global viral sensation on social media, earning him the reputation as ‘The Nicest Judge in the World’ as videos capturing his courtroom proceedings continue to resonate globally.

Judge Frank Caprio was Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of Providence for 38 years. Image: WPRI/YouTube
Judge Frank Caprio was Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of Providence for 38 years. Image: WPRI/YouTube

Hosting 87-year-old Caprio at the forum aligns with the IGCF’s commitment to spotlighting individuals who have made a transformative impact on their communities.

Caprio’s contribution to the American judicial system and the American people will be recognised during the Sharjah Government Communication Awards ceremony, which takes place on September 14.

The full roster of activities

IGCF will feature over 90 panel discussions, speeches, workshops, and pre-forum activities involving more than 250 Middle Eastern and global experts.

Caprio’s commitment to delivering compassionate rulings and his genuine understanding of the circumstances faced by those who stood before him have elevated him to the status of a revered figure in jurisprudence.

His unconventional yet deeply empathetic approach has left an indelible mark on society.

Illustrious career

Caprio’s illustrious career began as a teacher at Hope High School in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

While teaching during the day and despite holding a bachelor’s degree from Providence College, he attended night school at the Suffolk University School of Law in Boston to gain his law degree.

Upon completing his studies, he began his career in the legal profession, eventually finding his way to the municipal court of Providence.

There, he garnered American and international acclaim, largely thanks to his televised judicial work on the widely watched programme, ‘Caught in Providence’, which has a total viewership on its YouTube page of more than 500 million views.

11 editions later

IGCF 2023 has attracted over 50,000 visitors and participants worldwide in its previous 11 editions. Discussions on resources, wealth, development, and sustainability will be seen with Middle Eastern and international government officials and communication and media experts worldwide.

These participants will deliberate on innovative mechanisms and solutions addressing challenges hindering socio-economic development.

IGCF 2023 will also allow attendees to communicate with decision-makers and government communication experts and share new insights into harnessing resources and turning them into wealth in the UAE and other countries.

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