April 18, 2024
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World’s inaugural Brabus boutique opens in Dubai

Brabus Rocket 1000 hybrid supercar debuts

Dubai witnessed the grand inauguration of the world’s inaugural Brabus boutique on February 16, 2024, marking a glamorous entry into the automotive luxury scene.

The highlight of the event was the global debut of the Brabus Rocket 1000 ‘1 of 25,’ a hybrid supercar boasting an impressive 1,000 horsepower and peak torque of 1,820 Nm (1,342 lb-ft), making it the most potent Brabus vehicle to date.

Situated in the heart of Dubai’s City Walk lifestyle space, just a stone’s throw away from the city’s Sheikh Zayed Road, the Brabus boutique is more than just a showroom.

Nestled in an exclusive outdoor shopping mall, the boutique offers a unique experience where patrons can explore not only high-performance automobiles but also exclusive luxury day boats from Brabus Marine and the thrilling Brabus 1300 R motorbikes.

Prospective buyers can enter the ‘Brabus Configuration Space’ to design their dream car in 3D virtually. This high-end tool allows them to customise various Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, or Range Rover models with exclusive Brabus components, selecting their preferred colours for the paint finish and interior appointments.

The boutique also provides a tactile experience, allowing customers to touch and feel the exquisite Brabus materials and quilting patterns for the interior.

Beyond showcasing the famed Brabus Monoblock wheel designs, the boutique displays a selection of current highlights from the Brabus Fashion Collection.

Classic Brabus manner

Open seven days a week, the boutique, styled in the classic Brabus manner, emphasises the presentation of high-end supercars and individualised advice for the discerning local clientele.

At the heart of the boutique is the ‘Brabus Configuration Space,’ where trained experts assist prospective buyers in virtually designing their personalised Brabus supercar. The showroom features a colourful selection of the finest leathers and Dinamica microfiber, allowing customers to choose their preferred quilting design and perforation pattern for new interior appointments.

The Brabus Experience in Dubai extends beyond the showroom, with the creation of the desired Brabus dream car at Brabus Middle East headquarters, a few minutes’ drive away.

Covering an area of over 3,000 square metres, the facility houses a workshop, an in-house upholstery shop, and an extensive logistics centre supplying high-quality Brabus components to the entire Arab world.

Constantin Buschmann, CEO of Brabus Group, said: “The Middle Eastern market has been one of our key pillars for decades. With our first Brabus Boutique in the world, we want to give our discriminating customers in the United Arab Emirates a first-hand experience of the hallmark 1-Second-Wow Effect of our brand.

“To perfectly present the exquisite Brabus DNA locally, we will open further Brabus boutiques in metropolises worldwide in the coming years.”

Featured image: The Dubai facility houses a workshop, an in-house upholstery shop, and an extensive logistics centre. Image: Brabus

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